Accent Tips for Non-native Speakers

Mt Fuji

Japanese Accent Reduction Tips

For a Japanese native speaker wishing to neutralise their accent it is important to contrast the distinct features  between […]

Dubai Marina. UAE

Arabic Accent Reduction Tips

With as many as 206,000,000 native speakers, Arabic ranks as the fifth most common language spoken globally. Regardless of its dominance globally […]

Ivan Vazov Theatre Sofia

Bulgarian Accent Reduction Tips

Bulgarian native speakers have often had the luxury of exposure to several languages of their region- Turkish, Greek, […]

Baradari in Full Spring

Urdu Accent Reduction Tips

With some 64 million native speakers worldwide, Urdu is one of the 20 most common languages spoken globally. Classed […]


Spanish Accent Reduction Tips

Mastery of a clear English accent for a native Spanish speaker, can at times, be difficult. Spanish native speakers […]

Cantonese Accent Reduction Tips

Why do many Cantonese speakers have difficulty producing clear and intelligible English? One of the major factors for […]

Namsan Tower Seoul

Korean Accent Reduction Tips

South Korea has a profound market for English Language learners.  If you are Korean and reading this, I’m sure […]

reduce your german accent

German Accent Reduction Tips

If English is technically a West Germanic Language, then why do many German speakers struggle with heavy accents? Pronunciation difficulties […]