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English Pronunciation Program Questions

Encouraging, confidential and practical sessions to help you pronounce English with oomph. Read more about how it works and even submit any specific questions that you want answering before you decide whether to enrol in Your Personalised Pronunciation Audit.

Voice Therapy Query?

Feel scratchy, crackly or croaky? Worried about your voice? Want to power up the vocal cords but not sure how? We’ve got your voice. We want to help.

Elocution / High Performance Communication Query

Can’t pin what it is that you need to communicate better? Not sure if it is mumbling, idea creating, voice quality, speech clarity or something else? Our High-Performance Communication Audit  may fit the bill. Check if it’s for you.

Stuttering Query

Until a cure is found for adults who stutter, we stay on top of the latest research in how to reduce stuttering effectively. We use best practice to help you strategise, alleviate stutters and manage your speech fluency better day by day.

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