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English Pronunciation Training

Do you want to speak English clearly, confidently & comfortably?

Our bilingual speech pathologists will teach you strategies to empower your speaking clarity & confidence based on research.


The very first step before scheduling your time with us online, is to complete Your Personalised Pronunciation Audit.


Once you complete your audit we will give you recommendations for the best Pronunciation Clarity Program.

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NDIS Speech Pathology Sessions for Adults

Services tailored to Adults
self managed ndis for speech pathology

Our clinic is one of the few speech pathology clinics in Melbourne for adults. This makes it the perfect spot for adults looking for affirming and relevant NDIS speech pathology sessions. There are no toys, childish pictures.

Instead, you will be met with an edgy vibrant space and our competent clinicians.

We serve self-managed and plan managed clients for speech pathology.

If you want to find out whether Voice Science™ is suited to your Ndis speech pathology sessions, the first step is to get in touch with us.

The very first step before commencing NDIS speech pathology sessions at Voice Science is to determine whether our team can bring the most value to your goals and funding.

Once we determine that we can fulfil your Ndis speech pathology service needs, we will schedule you for an NDIS Speech Pathology Assessment.

Our rates are billed consistent with Ndis billing rates.


If you’re a support care coordinator or plan manager considering Voice Science™ for your Ndis clients, we can’t wait to speak with you.  Contact us directly or feel free to complete the referral form below:

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Stuttering & Cluttering Therapy

Improve your fluency & comfort when speaking
Our team of speech pathologists at Voice Science are very passionate about assisting in stuttering therapy in Melbourne and online. Our clinicians use prolonged speech / smooth speech and the Camperdown method for adult stuttering therapy since research validates these as the most effective approaches for adults.
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social skills training

stop struggling to interact & communicate
Voice Science™ offers practical social skills assessment and strategic therapy sessions with speech pathologists for adults.


We are one of the few speech pathology clinics that offers social communication sessions in Melbourne that is structureed for adults solely. This makes our clinic the perfect spot if you are looking for a confidence boosting spot to work on your social communication.

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Voice Therapy

restore your voice
Our expertise in vocal rehabilitation and recovery for anyone with voice damage is balanced by intricate knowledge of the voice. We provide voice assessment that is gold standard using new technologies and insights from research.  Our director, Speech Pathologist & Opera Singer, Sarah, heads up our voice services, adding an artistic balance to clinical care making our clinic the ideal fit for performers and everyday voice users.
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Voice Therapy for Performers

artist focused elite vocal care
Our director, Speech Pathologist & Opera Singer, Sarah, heads up our voice services, adding an artistic balance to clinical care making our clinic the ideal fit for performers. We provide management of the vocal demands of the performing voice. We work clinically and artistically to rehabilitate and optimise vocal technique in all performers facing voice problems.

For individuals who are located interstate or overseas we can provide online consultations sessions.

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Lisp Treatment for adults

Clarify and correct your speech
We provide personalised speech therapy to correct your lisp or other speech impediments. Common speech sound difficulties may include s, z, ch, sh, r and l. Do not worry if your target sound is not listed, as Speech Pathologists, we are qualified to work on all sounds within the English language. 

The first step is enrolling in the Diagnostic Lisp Assessment.

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Speech Therapy for Hearing Loss

Speak Clear, Participate More
Our team of speech pathologists can work with you to improve your speech pronunciation, voice quality and pitch and increase your intelligibility if you have hearing loss.  

These sessions are suited to adults with hearing loss managed by hearing aids or cochlear implants. 

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elocution strategy sessions

boost your communication delivery
Our director specialises in corporate communication diagnosis and strategy.

This is the area of Sarah’s scope that pivots around giving you or your team members competitive advantage.

These sessions are suitable for you, your employees or team to maximise communication success in the workplace or your business.

Our Elocution program is now at capacity for 2021. It’s likely we won’t be taking new enrolments until September 2022.

Join the waitlist to be notified of our next intake from www.sarageiger.com

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Communication Workshops for your Team

Do want to optimise and build your team’s resilience so they can communicate more confidently & comfortably?

Our speech pathologists deliver ready done live workshops as well as customised strategic workshops for your business and team.

We are at capacity for 2021 and will not be taking any more workshop bookings until 2022.

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Forensic Speech and Audio Analysis

Legal Witness Services
We are available for expert witness services in the form of voice and speech analysis for civil suits and criminal trials. This includes and is not limited to, audio analysis for speaker recognition/ verification attempts, testimonies in a court of law with reference to individual speech, voice and dialectical features to determine likelihood of an individual speaker from audio evidence. This is an expert niche service – please call reception to obtain more information.