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Voice Science™

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Voice Science™ is a speech pathology specialised service provider that delivers Accent Reduction and Voice Therapy in Melbourne as well as Elocution and Stuttering Therapy. We also consult with companies and their teams to give strategies to optimise communication.

Voice Science is based in the T&G Building at 161 Collins Street, Melbourne. If you are not based in Melbourne you might like to consider our online speech therapy services as an option.

We are known for offering precise and creative client care. We use individualised and evidence based treatment to ensure that real life communication gains are made.

Voice Science™ is a proudly Australian owned business, established in 2013. 

Communication is Like String Theory…

It’s the Foundation of Everything…


Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech & Language Pathologist & Director, Opera Singer

Sarah is a qualified speech pathologist and professional operatic soprano. She holds a Bachelor of Literature, Bachelor of Music Performance, Master of Speech Pathology and Master of Opera Performance. Sarah has a strong interest in accent reduction, phonetics, voice therapy and performance.

Read more about Sarah here.

Brooke Perrin

Speech & Language Pathologist

Brooke is a qualified speech pathologist. She holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology.

Brooke is very passionate about English pronunciation training. She also has a very strong interest in Social Communication for Adults and strategies for adult clients Autism Spectrum.

Read more about Brooke here.

Emily Jackson

Speech & Language Pathologist

Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology.

With her acting and music theatre background, she’s a super keen accent modification clinician. She also has a big heart for stuttering therapy and voice therapy.

Read more about Emily here.



Voice Science provides Accent Reduction training in Melbourne and online. We use Speech Pathology Principles to give evidence based English Pronunciation training. Unique to our clinic is the combination of clinical & phonetic skills. We use our knowledge of speech therapy to assess and build your personalised pronunciation program. Accent is not just the sounds you make when you speak, so don’t sell yourself short on an approach that is solely sound based. Accent is the product of certain sounds blending with voice features. Don’t forget you use your voice to talk, accent is best learnt when you know the sounds, voice tone and social communication nuances of the target accent. When you come to Voice Science you get a speech therapists and voice therapist all in one. The perfect mix of expert knowledge. Our special expertise for out of session practise strategies is what takes our clients further via our custom built practise platform – Cadenza – exclusive to accent program members. Read more about our Accent Reduction Services here.

Voice Science provides Elocution Sessions in Melbourne and online. This is the area of our scope that pivots around giving you or your team members competitive advantage. Our team applies exceptional expertise in clinical communication analysis as well as stage performance expertise to strategise your communication life. Elocution sessions address your communication globally. The perfect approach for improving your delivery in  public speaking, board exams, job interviews, business English, communication in leadership, nailing a pitch- we will use our clinical know how to scheme powerful and measurable objectives for you to lift your speaking game. Read more about our Elocution Sessions here. 

Our team is passionate about delivering stuttering therapy for adults in Melbourne and online. We’ve worked in this area since 2013. We can offer you speech therapy sessions for cluttering or stuttering if you are starting therapy for the first time or even coming for a refresher of your fluency techniques.We also offer online sessions and use great tech to get your stuttering therapy goals on track. Our online clinic also provides stuttering treatment to regional, interstate and international clients.

Our innovative resources will get your speaking goals and practise happening outside of sessions. We read a lot about practise theory and have devoted hours to build you a personalised  practise platform to assist your practise between sessions. Read more about our Stuttering Services here. 

Voice Science proudly offers creative, evidence based voice therapy in Melbourne and online. Our expertise in vocal rehabilitation and recovery for anyone with voice damage is balanced by intricate knowledge of the voice. We provide voice assessment that is gold standard using new technologies and insights from research.  Our director, Speech Pathologist & Opera Singer, Sarah, heads up our voice services, adding an artistic balance to clinical care making our clinic the ideal fit for performers and everyday voice users. Clinic Services include assessment and voice therapy for vocal nodules, chronic cough, diagnostic voice analysis for singers and performers, dysarthria, vocal hyperfunction, paralysis, vocal fold haemorrhage and many more conditions. Read more about our Voice Therapy Services here.

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As you will gather, we consult in a lot of areas in communication these days.

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Communication Strategy for Companies

We partner extensively with companies in a range of sectors to assess and optimise communication. This involves mixed methods: on site assessments, in clinic strategy meetings, individual team member sessions, in house workshops, communication screening and strategy for your sales team, focus groups or digital content for upskilling your team’s communication.

Our diagnostic, data driven science based approach will investigate areas that need optimising to give competitive advantage.

To learn more about how we can partner with you to boost your employees’ communication, book a Strategy call with our Director, Sarah


Speech Pathology & Elocution for Individuals

Our team of speech pathologists provides Accent Reduction, Voice Therapy, Elocution and Stuttering Therapy in Melbourne for adults.

Our mission is to deliver accent reduction sessions, voice treatment, English pronunciation training and stuttering treatment and elocution training that is individualised and evidence based.

Book an appointment if you would like to commence your personal sessions with our team!

We work across all areas of communication that need speech pathologists as well as offering a massive point of difference to the corporate community.

Our days are really varied and action packed. One hour could be spent assisting a marketing manager to increase their voice projection for large team meetings, the next might be briefing a transport company on how to improve their communication processes to boost public attention. Or, an out of office site visit to conduct team training in an insurance firm to boost client engagement for their telephone staff. If we are not doing those things, you’d find us in fun therapy sessions advocating for our individual clients.

Ok, but what's a Speech & Language Pathologist?

Please don’t feel shy to ask or not know! There is no such thing as a dumb question.

Speech & Language Pathology is a medical profession that addresses all aspects of how humans communicate over the life span.

This field of study is based in Science, if you zoom right in, it is actually an allied health science.

Yep, we are in the same family as psychologists,



occupational therapists…

We study human communication behaviour extensively

Speech pathologists apply clinical assessment and intervention to provide practical strategies for their clients.

We are trained extensively in the neurology (in particular how the brain processes and plans language, speech sounds, social communication, voice and swallowing), anatomy (for head and neck), physiology (for neurological language processing, voice production, speech movements, swallowing) as well as research methods, clinical training and so many other things!

You can read more about Speech Pathology at this link.

Communication Strategies. Voice Science TV.

Put a Face to Voice Science

We have our own YouTube channel. Our video tutorials are designed to give you actionable basics to improve your: Speaking, Vocabulary, Voice Tone, Pronunciation, Accent, Fluency, Social Communication, Language for Leadership & Workplace Communication.



Create Insanely Powerful Communication Goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

This quote by Tony Robbins is so true!! We can’t expect to achieve something if we haven’t clearly defined what it is we want to achieve. However there is a true art form to setting goals and following through with them to allow you to actually accomplish your dream. And it’s not as hard as you may think.

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What are the key features of an Australian Accent?
The Australian Accent is a distinct accent produced by native English speakers in Australia. It’s a tough accent to replicate, even for actors in Hollywood.

At Voice Science™ we assist internationals to learn core features of the Australian accent by training the rules of Australian pronunciation.

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6 Huge Research Findings About Voice Tone & Charisma
We are supreme voice geeks. So is it a surprise that we totally nerd off on voice research?

So stay with us while we create some ambience! Put those feet up, or pour a cup of tea and enjoy the read.

Behind our corporate consulting with large companies is also a busy clinic full of individual clients. We enjoy serving our big companies as much as individuals reach their voice goals.

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