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Voice Science™ is a specialty Accent Reduction, Voice Therapy, Elocution and Stuttering Therapy clinic in Melbourne. Our Melbourne clinic is based in the T&G Building at 161 Collins Street. Our mission is to deliver accent reduction sessions, voice treatment, English pronunciation training and stuttering treatment and elocution training that is individualised and evidence based. We provide an unparalleled model for treatment to ensure that real life communication gains are made. Voice Science™ is known for offering precise and creative client care. We consult to individuals, corporate stakeholders, the medical sector and the arts and entertainment industry. We are proudly an Australian owned business, established in 2013. Voice Science provides Voice Therapy, Accent Reduction, Elocution and Stuttering therapy in Melbourne

Accent Reduction and Voice Therapy in Melbourne.

Our head office is based in the beautiful Australian city of Melbourne, Victoria. From Collins St, Voice Science™ assists non-native speakers of English to learn the pronunciation features of General American, Received Pronunciation, Standard British or Standard Australian English accents. Our accent reduction programs cater to a broad spectrum of non-native English speakers. We have considerable experience with speakers of Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Slavic based languages (Russian, Croatian, Serbian, etc.) as well as Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, German, French, Arabic and many more. We also assist actors and entertainers to enhance their audio acting skills and develop authentic accents and dialects tailored to their character’s background. 

Online Accent Reduction and Voice Therapy

We are globally minded and serve clients located all over the world. Many of our clients are based in Asia due to the benefits of close enough times zones. We have treated company staff in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand and also have assisted individuals improve their English pronunciation in many other countries such as Korea, Hawaii, Austria, Germany and Bulgaria. Read more about our online services below. See more info on Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation Training on our FAQs about Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation Training at Voice Science™ Page.

Voice services include voice assessment and  voice optimisation for professional voice users (actors, singers, radio and tv broadcasters, opera singers), voice therapy for voice users (teachers, lecturers, politicians, corporate professionals, business executives, sales staff, call centre personnel). Treatment of voice pathologies is also available: pre and post nodular voice treatment, dysphonia, dysarthria, neurological voice disorders and post surgical vocal rehabilitation.

We offer both online treatment for accent reduction and voice therapy to international clients and in house treatment and workshops via our city centre Melbourne clinic located at the Paris end of Collins St, Melbourne as well as accent reduction in Canberra.

Voice Science™ provides also high end corporate and medical sector training for accent, voice and communication to many industry leaders.

We also assist individuals who need to improve their speaking, pronunciation and communication skills for official tests like OET, PTE Academic and TEA (Test of Aviation English). 

About our Team

Voice Science is based in Melbourne. We are speech pathologists in Melbourne. These are our values.

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech Pathologist

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez
Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez, Chief Speech Pathologist and Operatic Soprano

Voice Science™ is headed up by Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez. Sarah is a fully qualified Speech Pathologist and Opera Singer (MA Speech Pathology – La Trobe University, MA Opera, BMus, BA English, TESOL cert IV.) who specialises in accent reduction/modification and vocal therapy / rehabilitation. She is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathology registered with Speech Pathology Australia. After living abroad extensively in South Korea, Bosnia Herzegovina, Germany and Bulgaria as both an international student and working professional, Sarah set up Voice Science™ in 2014. She is attune to living abroad as an international and fights to advocate and empower clients negotiating cultural communication challenges as she too, has faced similar in her years overseas. In 2018 Sarah expanded Voice Science™ and now offers in clinic services for accent reduction and voice therapy in Canberra.  An experienced operatic soprano, Sarah is also equipped to address the demands of a performing career on vocal output and can successfully rehabilitate and maximise vocal technique. She is also available for consultation as a diction, language consultant and vocal health specialist for singers, actors and performers. Click on the image below to see Sarah’s professional artist website or follow her on @divageiger on Instagram.

Brooke Perrin

Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologist for accent reduction, stuttering and voice therapy in Melbourne
Brooke Perrin, Speech Pathologist

Brooke is passionate about providing evidence based, individualised therapy, to assist her clients to achieve their communication goals. She tailors each session specifically to her clients’ strengths and needs. Joining Voice Science™ in 2017, with a Bachelor in Health Sciences and a Masters in Speech Pathology from La Trobe University, Brooke has always been interested in the intricacies of accents and identifying the defining speech features of languages. 

Emily Jackson

Speech Pathologist

Emily Jackson speech pathologist
Emily Jackson, Speech Pathologist

Emily is excited to have joined the Voice Science™ team in 2019. Having previously completed a Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) at the University of Ballarat (now Federation University), Emily’s passion for vocal health and function inspired her to pursue Speech Pathology. Emily graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Speech Pathology in 2018 and has a strong foundation across all areas of Speech Pathology. Emily has a particular passion for voice, fluency and accents, and strives to instil a sense of confidence in all clients.

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