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We are Voice Science!

Speech Pathologists.

Communication Consultants.

We  work strategically with you or your team to maximise communication.

About Our Team

Voice Science™ has 3 speech pathologists, Brooke, Emily and Sarah who work together closely as a team to assist all clients. If you opt for treatment sessions you will quite possibly have sessions with all of us throughout any treatment program.

Our beautiful speech pathology clinic for adults in Melbourne is located at Level 2, 161 Collins St in Melbourne’s famous T&G Building. We are central and accessible, in fact you can stroll to us direct from Swanston St.

Hi, I'm Sarah!

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez in full. Yes, there's 10 syllables in my name! But for comfort's sake, you can just call me Sarah, so don't freak about how to pronounce my name- I can always show you later!I started Voice Science in 2013 because I saw that there was a need for strategic, research based communication consulting.

As a speech pathologist and opera singer I knew there is both a science and art to getting the communication impact you need.

Since that time our team of speech pathologists have been providing communication consulting to individuals and companies.

Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist

Sarah is a fully qualified Speech Pathologist and Opera Singer (MA Speech Pathology – La Trobe University) who has a special interest in accent reduction/modification and vocal therapy / rehabilitation. She is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathology registered with Speech Pathology Australia.

Professional Operatic Soprano

As an experienced operatic soprano (Master of Opera Performance, Bachelor of Music Performance, Bachelor of English) Sarah is also equipped to address the demands of a performing career on vocal output and can successfully rehabilitate and maximise vocal technique. With her operatic training, Sarah is also available for consultation as a diction, language consultant and vocal health specialist for singers, actors and performers.

See Sarah’s professional opera artist website here: www.sarahlobegeiger.com

Meet Brooke!

Want a can do clinician?

Someone with no excuses and positive attitude?

You'd find it hard to find a buzzier speech pathologist than Brooke.

Brooke has been at Voice Science™ for over 2 years! Our first employee hired back in 2017 she's completely made herself indispensable.

So what can we tell you about Brooke?

She is witty, determined and very motivated to help her clients.

Sessions with Brooke involve you working very hard while she measures your progress. She'll always have a score for how well you are going but don't panic- she tracks your progress with a cheeky smile that will make you wish you had practiced more!

But what is it about speech pathology that gets Brooke interested? Well, she's loved Accent modification from the get go. So that's one solid part of her work at Voice Science. But Brooke also has a very strong interest in Social Communication for Adults and strategies for adult clients Autism Spectrum. In the corporate area of our work, Brooke has given a lot of energy into uncovering the latest research into language strategies to boost listener engagement.

Brooke has a Bachelor in Health Sciences and a Masters in Speech Pathology from La Trobe University. Brooke is a Certified Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Meet Emily!

Emily started at Voice Science earlier this year and gosh, we don't know what we would do without her!

She brings a warm and empathetic nature to all sessions but be prepared to do your homework- she'll check.

Emily has a strong passion for speech pathology. She's the kind of clinician we have to remind to, go home already and rest! Emily reads journal articles on her weekends, always has a fun fact to share and makes the most beautiful learning materials. But let's down to business!

What does Emily find fascinating about our scope? With her acting and music theatre background, she's a super keen accent modification clinician. She also has a big heart for stuttering therapy and voice therapy.

Emily has a Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) from the University of Ballarat (now Federation University) as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Speech Pathology from La Trobe University.

At Your Service!

If you are wanting to improve your speaking, vocabulary, voice tone, public speaking, English pronunciation and fluency, this is the right clinic for you.

If you are looking for a company that can provide communication training for individual staff members or your team, this is the right place for you.

Voice Science™ is known for offering precise and creative client care.

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