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Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez is available for expert comment on vocal health, voice science, voice therapy, managing the performing voice, operatic voice and accent and dialect modification. She is also available for booking as an operatic soloist for corporate events, soirees and weddings. See her artist website here.  


November 20th, 2017

“Presenting You”

Career Success Program – Swinburne University

Voice Science delivered a workshop in Professional Communication skills for Swinburne University International Masters Students on November the 20th. This workshop was tailored to students in the Master of Engineering and Business streams. Sarah shared speech fluency techniques and the latest research evidence on the impact of voice and accent on employability. Other topics discussed included, using phonetics to improve speech clarity, the pronunciation of Australian English, using communication to advocate for yourself with impact in job interviews and how to successfully control speech rate to prevent speaking to quickly when nervous in job interviews or at networking events. Up to 50 students participated in the hands-on communication training.

This initiative was our second collaboration with RAW TALENT GROUP 

August 27th, 2017

Soprano Soloist, Telemann 250 with The Melbourne Musicians

Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the death of Georg Philipp Telemann

Anne Harvey-Nagl – violin; Anne Gilby – Oboe; Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez – soprano.

  • Telemann
    •  Violin Concertos in G major and A major
    •  Oboe Concerto in F minor
    •  Concerto for Oboe & Violin in C minor
    •  Ascension Cantata Gott will Mensch und sterblich werden.
  • Handel – Arias from Oratorios.
 St Johns Southgate
20 City Road
Southbank, VIC 3006


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On air at SBS: Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez, Dr Natalia Afeyan and Alex Pokryshevsky
On air at SBS: Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez, Dr Natalia Afeyan and Alex Pokryshevsky

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