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Media Enquiries

Dr. Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez is best reached on her main platform, CADENZA. 

Dr. Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez is available for comment on:

  • science-backed vocal charisma traits,
  • managing the performing voice, voice anatomy,
  • operatic voice and languages 
  • pronunciation advocacy for internationals, phonetics and language processing,
  • executive communciation,
  • tonality for luxury sales and venture capital pitching.

Media Links

Dr. Sarah has been featured in the following:


My Aim

To provide expert action-based communication solutions for you, your team and organisation, that are powered by verified research so that robust outcomes are achieved. 

My Tools

I deploy tactical charisma, social intelligence, voice ton, rhetorical and language advocacy techniques supported by communication science research to create valuable strategies that are easy to access, understand and implement. 

Ask a Question

 Ask a question about executive communication services, communication training for your team or public speaking strategy sessions over on Dr. Sarah’s main platform, CADENZA.