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Melbourne Clinic Address: 

Level 2, 161 Collins St, Melbourne, 3000

During Covid-19 our whole team is serving you online. 

Available only by appointment.

Please note if you visit our office without an appointment, our clinicians will not be available as we are busy treating clients. Please feel free to leave a message at reception with our wonderful receptionists- Elisabeth, Jacob & Fernanda- if you wish to get more information about our services.

All Appointments Available Via Live Online Sessions.

During Covid-19 our team are servicing all clients via live online sessions.

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Level 2, Spaces, 161 Collins St

Melbourne. 3000


Melbourne Clinic

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+61 03 9042 3648

Please note, as with most medical practitioners (your doctor, physio, dentist etc), it can be difficult to reach us by phone for discussion outside of appointments. Information about our programs and prices can be found on this website under the relevant services.

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Can I volunteer, do work experience or shadow the Voice Science™ speech pathologists?

As Australia’s leading accent modification service we get a lot of queries about observation or shadowing in our clinic, either from speech pathology students, clinicians, potential speech pathology students and even ESL teachers! As much as we love to share our knowledge, our priority rests with our clients and patients. We are also intent on maintaining client privacy and delivering expert care.

We feel special and honoured that we reach your attention however Voice Science™ is unable to consider any observation, training or internship offers.

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