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Are You Ready to Improve Your Vocal Health?

Voice Science™ offers voice therapy for singers in Melbourne who are worried about their vocal health. For individuals who are located interstate or overseas we can provide online consultations sessions.

We treat all performers, regardless of their musical or theatrical backgrounds. We have worked to help performers with voice problems and have assisted musical theatre performers, rock singers, opera singers, pop and folk singers. We also provide assessment for actors and stand up comedians who experience vocal health concerns.

Voice Science is equipped to provide management of the vocal demands of the performing voice. We work clinically and artistically to rehabilitate and optimise vocal technique in all performers have voice problems. All sessions for performers are overseen by our Chief Speech Pathologist, Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez who is also a professional performer. Sarah holds both a Master of Speech Pathology and a Master of Opera Performance. She is passionate about restoring voice to performers experiencing vocal injuries.

Voice Science is a registered WorkSafe provider for clients who have experienced a work related voice injury. We work collaboratively with your medical team, insurer or WorkSafe Victoria case manager to restore your occupational voice health.

Our director has advanced vocal expertise as a professional operatic soprano & speech pathologist.

About Voice Therapy for Singers in Melbourne

Clients will be assessed comprehensively and introduced to voice therapy measures that are evidence based in order to improve voice quality, acoustic output, prevent vocal fatigue and optimise the health and flexibility of the voice. Referral will be recommended if required to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT), pending the outcome of voice assessment findings.

This voice analysis for singers and performers is clinical and rigorous. The Voice Analysis involves acoustic, perceptual and subjective assessment of the current voice behaviours and performance factors as well as consideration of performing needs. A report will be provided that details the main aspects that are impacting on the voice production as well as recommendations for remedial exercises and approaches to optimise voice, resonance and respiration for singing/ characterisation. Treatment that then follows is individual and tailored to each client’s needs. You will receive a complete Voice Analysis report within 5 business days of your voice analysis session.

Many of these conditions are potentially eligible for partial rebates* via Medicare or Private Health.

Important: Read more about how rebates work here.

*Our clinic does not bulk bill.

Our team are still offering appointments throughout the current COVID- 19 Pandemic.

We moved to our virtual clinic on Monday the 16th of March, 2020, until further notice.

As such, our team will deliver your appointment online.

Each of us, yourself included, are crossing paths with vulnerable citizens of our communities. At Voice Science, we do not want to fail to react & respond to this critical phase.

Our virtual clinic has been running for 6 years alongside our Collins St site. We have served every continent other than Antarctica & Africa! The gear and tech needs no dress rehearsal, all we need is your ongoing trust & faith in our high quality service as always. We will however reach out to you personally, with a video tutorial to orientate you fully for your coming sessions.

My team is valuable and I’ve always wanted a safe and beautiful environment at Voice Science for them, and all of you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech Pathologist, Voice Science

The Voice Analysis for Singers and Performers is the most thorough assessment of its type tailored for singers in Melbourne.

This diagnosis is clinical and rigorous.

Your assessment will undertaken by our Singing Voice Specialists Sarah & Emily, who are also qualified speech pathologists.

Every Assessment includes:

✪ Case history interview to determine the history of the voice problem with customised assessment into your concerns around your singing voice

✪ Acoustic and Perceptual voice assessment using research standard procedures

✪ Assessment into your current repertoire and performance development with reference to your voice concerns

✪ Careful consideration of your current performing needs, workplace setting, career aspirations, areas of concern.

✪ The session fee includes written correspondence with medical practitioners, analysis of our findings and planning of your therapy sessions. Correspondence with your General Practitioner, Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon, NDIS Plan Manager, WorkSafe Case Manager or Rehabilitation Consultants – if desired.

This fee does not include a report, which you may request in addition. Due to the time involved in writing a comprehensive report, an extra fee will apply. Please advise your clinician if you would like a report.

We are often requested to provide documentation for employers to advocate for your vocal health and recovery. This is something we are very willing to provide you with if our findings indicate the need to alter work tasks. Depending on the service required, a separate fee may be billed.

Please allow 45 minutes for this session. There is a lot to cover in the session. At booking you will receive a screener to fill out prior to your appointment. Please strive to complete it electronically as this will give us enough time to assess you thoroughly.

If you have questions about this service, please contact our helpful reception team.

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What happens after the Assessment?

Choose your Voice Therapy Program

Once your assessment session is completed you can proceed direct into your chosen voice therapy program.

Voice Science™ offers voice therapy for singers in Melbourne and Online. This program is suitable for any performer with a diagnosed voice disorder. Artists who want preventative strategies to ensure better management of their vocal health are also welcome.

All aspects of the program will be tailored to address your vocal health / recovery in reference to your singing & speaking voice.

+ 1 X 45 minute session

+ Solo sessions

Clients will be introduced to voice therapy that is evidence based in order to improve voice quality, acoustic output, prevent vocal fatigue and optimise the health and flexibility of the voice while reinforcing communication impact.

Our team are experienced voice therapists and qualified speech pathologists.

This is a good option if you are on a Medicare CDM Plan or intend to use Private Health to cover your sessions.

5 X 45 minute sessions

Solo sessions

5 weeks Introductory offer to the Voice Science Practice Platform* – our separate practice product.

This program must follow a diagnostic voice assessment session (billed separately).

Our SILVER PROGRAM will take you on a firm & fun adventure into Voice therapy and integrate your daily practise in our membership practise suite to restore and build your singing voice health.

We will introduce you to voice therapy that is evidence based and targeted to singers. This will improve voice quality, acoustic output, prevent vocal fatigue and optimise the health and flexibility of the voice. It will also assist to prevent or reduce voice fatigue from a heavy performance schedule.


✪ Therapeutic Vocal warm up and recovery exercises

✪ A voice recovery plan that includes a set of daily exercises to add to your singing routine to restore voice.

✪ Strategies to improve speaking voice quality in everyday life to give your singing voice more energy

✪ Booster modules on voice resonance

✪ Practise tools like habit trackers, goal writers and self rating tools to get your techniques sticking hard

✪ 5 weeks access to the Voice Science Practice Platform. This interface works to increase your engagement in practice drills and daily voice therapy activities. Accessible to you via mobile or desktop. Here, your speech pathologist will allocate daily practice tasks, treatment resources. This feature is unique to Voice Science and one of the ways we ensure our clients stay engaged and motivated to practice.

This Silver Voice Therapy Program is good option if you are on a Medicare CDM Plan or intend to use Private Health to cover your sessions. Individual invoices will be issued after each session for you to process your rebates if required.

Our team are experienced voice therapists and qualified speech pathologists.

Pay in full or pay in 2 instalments online

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