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Vocal Branding 

We are supreme voice geeks. So is it a surprise that we totally nerd off on voice research?

We can’t wait to share 6 Huge Research Findings About Voice Branding & Charisma at the end of this blog!

So stay with us while we create some ambience! Put those feet up, or pour a cup of tea and enjoy the read.

Lately a hot topic in our clinic is vocal branding. We partner alongside large companies in Australia to modify the voice identity of their brand to target critical outcomes.

Behind our corporate consulting with large companies is also a busy clinic full of individual clients. We enjoy serving our big companies as much as individuals reach their voice goals. This ranges in anything from improving your voice, helping you get a better voice tone, reducing monotone or even strategies to have more vocal impact at work.

We work hard to modify voice features. There are so many features of your voice that can be changed to get a different outcome.

So How Does Vocal Branding Even Work?

So, if you feel like you’ve fallen in a hole and have no idea how to get better at communicating don’t reach for the panic bell. There is a whole discipline called speech and language pathology that can come to your aid

Speech pathologists work across numerous areas of communication. One core are of our work at Voice Science is helping our clients develop a better voice quality using research based principles.

First of all, you don’t need to have a lisp to work with us! 

All you need is a set of communication goals that you don’t even need to know how to fix. It’s our job to trouble shoot with you to work out what that “I just can’t put my finger on it” problem is that is bothering you. Or it might be that you can’t get your staff meeting those deliverables or having the influence you want them to have.
If you have been receiving feedback about your communication and you don’t know what it is you need to change it’s important to get an assessment by a professional to determine what may be working against you. In many cases we discover it’s not only interpersonal strategies that need to be added to your tools take but also vocal tone tips to scale your presence more effectively.

You’ve got to face the facts. If you fear people are not listening to you, or worry your voice is in the way of promotion, this stuff needs to be looked into.

Which brings me to my next point. It is not taboo to need to improve your communication. You won’t be the first person whose voice delivery was getting in the way of winning pitches, promotions, pay rises, more followers, better public speaking, management roles….

But how do we even know how to do this, and is this even a thing?

Above all, with the growth of AI and voice recognition software this is definitely a thing. In fact, it’s a big thing and it’s also one of our big things that we excel in at Voice Science.™

How Do We Know About Vocal Branding?

Each morning Sarah trawls databases reading the latest research into voice in the workplace and the corporate sector.

Then, once a month Emily & Brooke are allocated research hours to go on their own speech pathology pick-a-path research adventure. This is on top of their own personal reading.

If you ever want references, we can definitely provide you with them. We have a whole drive full of them! You can even find a few at the bottom of this page!

Research Gives Us Wings At Voice Science™

Why do we research? Well we know you don’t have the time to do it.

If anyone should read the research on voice, we should! So we do.

Our brand is named after the discipline voice science so we are honoured to live up to our brand name.

It’s our responsibility to give evidence based voice techniques and communication tips to all clients. Voice Science™ has got this!

Should we wear lab coats and goggles as voice scientists? Maybe… We take the research and use practical application to help you adjust how you communicate. 

voice quality and engagement

Voice Quality is Essential for Listener Engagement when making a pitch, doing sales or convincing your team.

Charisma Now Has A Research Base

This year we have been reading about Charisma.

Star factor… you’re born with it, right?

Speech Science is exploring so many questions about this all over the world.

As a result, here are our top take aways:


When speaking to a listener that is uninterested, the only thing that will catch their attention is your voice tone.


Vocal pitch variation and increased intonation patterns allow for higher ratings of charisma from a panel of listeners. Monotonal voice quality will reduce how charismatic you appear. Voice tone really matters to get your listener listening in the first place. 


A slower speech rate may make you sound calmer but will reduce your ratings for efficiency and credibility.


An even voice volume, rather than variable voice volume, works better. Changing from soft to loud will reduce your impact. The ability to control your volume consistently without changing your voice tone is essential to engage your listener.


A pause of two seconds before stating your brand name will increase brand recognition. It might feel strange when you do it, but if you want your conversation partner to remember your company/ brand, force a two second pause before stating the name. 


Vocal tone has more impact than the pitch of your voice. Speaking at a low pitch, with poor voice quality will not work! Don’t worry so much about speaking too high, focus on your breath preparation and ask us if you have any questions! We love getting voices working.

Read more: Your Voice Matters at Work- It matters so much it could make or break your career– Sydney Morning Herald.

Why Does Charisma Matter?

A 2019 study rates lecturer voices as the most boring. Without a doubt lectures are meant to be profound, so why are people boring the crowd?

It is so important to make sure that if you are delivering your message to an audience you engage and entertain them. Your presentation to an audience represents your work, don’t fall short there. You could have the best facts but without some chutzpah your audience simply won’t listen. So what is the point of that?

You’ve got to get a vocal brand on and wear it with pride!

Out of respect to your audience and listeners, adding fine details to your communication will give you the polish needed. Vocal branding is an aspect of our elocution & communication services.

Did any of these facts surprise you? Do you have questions? Shoot us an email, or book a visit. We’re here to work with you to enhance your voice. It’s always a pleasure.

Similarly If you feel you need further assistance with vocal branding of your team send us an email and let’s get cracking.