Elocution Services at Voice Science- Melbourne and Canberra clinics and Online

Voice Science delivers elocution services in Melbourne, at our Canberra clinic and also online.
Elocution Strategy sessions are designed for individuals who are concerned about one or more aspects of their communication presentation: delivery, manner, voice projection and quality, speech precision, vocabulary, expressive language delivery or social communication skills such as the ability to be diplomatic, persuasive or assertive.

The first step in receiving strategies in this area is the initial Elocution and Communication Consultation session. This session is a 45 minute consultation in which we gather information about your communication and undertake various speech pathology assessment as we see fit. It may involve several assessment such as subjective self rating scales, voice quality indexes, acoustic voice analysis, speech rate assessment, discussion about workplace communication barriers.

Once you have completed your initial Elocution and Communication consultation we will write a report which outlines core treatment goals and deliverables. This document will serve as a plan for strategy in sessions that follow.

Sessions for elocution can be booked individually or in packages. Please note that individual sessions will not include access to your individualised online learning management course. Clients who opt for the silver program will receive gratis subscription to a custom built online training program for 3 months.

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