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Our team of speech pathologists at Voice Science are very passionate about assisting in stuttering therapy in Melbourne and online. Our clinicians use prolonged speech / smooth speech and the Camperdown method for adult stuttering therapy since research validates these as the most effective approaches for adults.

The first step in starting your stuttering therapy in Melbourne or online is the Diagnostic Stuttering Assessment. This involves a thorough assessment into stuttering behaviours present as well as assessment into core communication environments impacted by the presence of stuttering behaviours and even vocal function where required.


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Our clinic is based in Collins Street – easy to access and perfect if your are based in the city or working from the city. We are one of the few speech pathology clinics that offers stuttering therapy in Melbourne for adults solely. This makes our clinic the perfect spot if you want an affirming space to do your stuttering therapy sessions. There are no toys, childish pictures, instead you will be met with an edgy, vibrant space and our competent clincians.

Our team are still offering appointments throughout the current COVID- 19 Pandemic.

We moved to our virtual clinic on Monday the 16th of March, 2020, until further notice.

As such, our team will deliver your appointment online.

Each of us, yourself included, are crossing paths with vulnerable citizens of our communities. At Voice Science, we do not want to fail to react & respond to this critical phase.

Our virtual clinic has been running for 6 years alongside our Collins St site. We have served every continent other than Antartica & Africa! The gear and tech needs no dress rehearsal, all we need is your ongoing trust & faith in our high quality service as always. We will however reach out to you personally, with a video tutorial to orientate you fully for your coming sessions.

My team is valuable and I’ve always wanted a safe and beautiful environment at Voice Science for them, and all of you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech Pathologist, Voice Science

About the Program

Individually tailored clinical stuttering assessment undertaken by one of our speech pathologists.

Every Assessment includes:

+ Case history interview to determine the history of the fluency/ stuttering disorder and impacts.

+ Assessment into core communication environments impacted by the presence of stuttering behaviours.

+ Careful consideration of your current communication needs, workplace setting, career aspirations, areas of concern.

+ Correspondence with your General Practitioner – if desired.

✪ The session fee includes written correspondence with medical practitioners, analysis of our findings and planning of your therapy sessions. 

This fee does not include a report, which you may request in addition. Due to the time involved in writing a comprehensive report, an extra fee will apply. Please advise your clinician if you would like a report. 

We are often requested to provide documentation for employers or board exams (IELTS, PTE, TESOL) to advocate for your speaking and confirm your diagnosis. This is something we are very willing to provide you with if our findings indicate the need. Depending on the service required, a separate fee may be billed.

Please allow 45 minutes for this session

If you have questions about this service, please contact our helpful reception team.

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The first appointment to book is Your Diagnostic Stuttering Assessment

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What happens after the assessment?

Choose your Fluency Program
Once your assessment session is completed you can proceed direct into your chosen stuttering therapy or cluttering therapy program with our team!

We can’t wait to get you started!

About the Program
+ 1 X 45 minute session
+ Solo sessions

This is a good option if you are on a Medicare CDM Plan or intend to use Private Health to cover your sessions.

Purchase in Clinic
About the Program
+ 5 X 45 minute sessions

+ Solo sessions

+ 10 weeks Introductory offer to Cadenza™ – our separate practise product

Our SILVER PROGRAM will take you on a firm & fun adventure into Stuttering therapy and integrate your daily practise in our membership practise suite.


✪ Smooth speech techniques

✪ Transfer drills and activities

✪ Strategies to advance your speech rate with the techniques

✪ Booster modules on smooth speech

✪ Practise tools like habit trackers, goal writers and self rating tools to get your techniques sticking hard

Pay in full or pay in 2 instalments online

If you choose a silver stuttering treatment program, you will receive 5 weeks access to Cadenza™– an interface to support your home practise of fluency goals. You are welcome to extend your access to stay integrated with your learning materials and keep pushing those communication goals forward once your initial subscription is complete. If you wish to extend your access beyond the time frames of your program you can purchase a monthly subscription. Many clients remain on this interface long after their sessions because communication change is a long process that needs lots of daily attention!

Stuttering Sucks...

but good stuttering therapy is an asset.

We hate stuttering as much as you and wish research could uncover the magic potion to stop it completely. Until a cure is found for adults who stutter, we stay on top of the latest research on how to reduce stuttering effectively. We use best practice to help you strategise, alleviate stutters and manage your speech fluency better day by day.

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Want to know more about stuttering therapy in Melbourne and online at Voice Science?

If you are managed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, please click the button below to learn more about how to commence your NDIS Speech Therapy sessions.


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If you are an adult who stutters, we encourage you participate in the Genetics of Stuttering Study

This is an Australian Research study investigating the link between stuttering and genetics that is the first of it’s kind. Researchers are trying to identify if there are changes in the genbome that occur more in people who stutter than those who don’t stutter.

There is a survey for adults and children who stutter.

Stuttering a lot in conversations?

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