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Voice Science™ provides NDIS Speech Therapy for Adults in Melbourne and online.

Our team are passionate speech pathologists with a special interest in finding the right communication communication tool stack for you so that you can interact with more comfort and confidence.

We’re creative and offer new and refreshing strategies to boost your communication success.

And guess what?

Unlike most speech pathology clinics we zoom in and focus solely on adults. This is because we believe that successful speech therapy needs to be both relevant and affirming for you! Going to a paediatric speech pathology clinic is not ideal. Instead, at Voice Science™ you’ll be met with amazing resources, relevant strategies and most importantly, clinicians that really care.

Your Communication Success is our victory! 

ndis speech therapy

Who do we provide NDIS Speech Therapy To?

We serve self-managed and plan managed clients for speech pathology.

If you want to find out whether Voice Science™ is suited to your Ndis speech pathology sessions, the first step is to get in touch with us.

This will help us determine whether our team can bring the most value to your goals and funding.

Your funding is precious and you need to get the best use out of it. It is essential for us to establish whether our clinic is a good fit for your needs. After speaking with you or your plan manager we’ll use our discretion and clinical judgment to determine whether our team can offer what you are looking for.

Once we determine that we can assist you in your Ndis speech therapy goals, we will schedule you for an NDIS Speech Pathology Assessment.

Our rates are billed consistent with Ndis billing rates.

*Please note, we do not provide NDIS Speech Therapy for Children. All clients must be 18 years and over.

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Our team of speech pathologists provide a full range of services for you.

Social Communication Assessment & Therapy for Adults with Autism

  • Language & speech assessments
  • Communication intervention for adults with Autism
  • Diagnostic Aphasia Assessment and management
  • Person-centred interventions for disability

Voice Assessment & Therapy

  • Diagnostic Voice assessment
  • Dysarthria assessments & therapy
  • Voice projection training and Voice Therapy for Parkinson’s disease
  • Voice Therapy for hearing impairment
  • Clear therapy resources and supports for your

Swallowing Assessment & Strategies

  • Dysphagia assessment and management
  • Food texture and consistency recommendations for your resident
  • Mealtime swallow assessments with practical recommendations for adjustments to food and fluid consistencies
  • Clear resources and strategies for your kitchen staff around appropriate textures and consistencies

Strategies for Ndis Clients from Linguistic & Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

A defining feature of our NDIS speech therapy for adults is our extensive experience in working with linguistically and culturally diverse clients. We will always advocate for our multi-lingual clients and troubleshoot strategies to reduce any language barriers that may be arising. This is an area of our work that is deeply aligned to our values at Voice Science. 

Thorough Assessment

When we visit your resident for their first assessment session we will apply a thorough and diagnostic approach. If we notice other factors that need investigating within our scope, we will inform you. Since our team are all experienced voice clinicians we will screen all residents for voice changes and concerns. Our passion for communication also makes us happily screen communication participation and function inclusive with a call out to do a swallow assessment. Speech Pathology needs in aged care can often be multi-faceted. You can trust that we will thoroughly diagnose across our scope so that every assessment shows a solid baseline for your resident across swallowing, voice, speech, language and communication. 

NDIS Speech Therapy can often feel less tailored, especially if you are working with a service provider that does both kids and adults.

Our team are well supported and not overloaded with a massive calendar of unmanageable appointments. This allows us the luxury of delivering you the detailed and affirming care that they are entitled to.

We also regularly participate in professional development opportunities and keep a close eye on research so that we can serve you with the best practice approaches for maximal outcomes.

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NDIS Speech Therapy for Adults

Our team of speech pathologists provide a full range of services for you.

If you have any questions about whether our team is a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We provide NDIS Speech Therapy for Adults Across in some of the following service areas:

Speech Therapy for Adults with Hearing Loss

Strategic NDIS Speech Therapy Sessions for Adults with Hearing Loss.

This program starts with the Diagnostic Speech Assessment for Adults with Hearing Loss.

speech therapy for hearing loss

Learn More

NDIS Speech Therapy for Social Communication

Practical Social Skills Assessment & NDIS Therapy Sessions for Adults.

This program starts with the Social Communication Assessment for Adults and is a good fit for clients with Autism.

Social Communication Diagnostic

Learn More

NDIS Speech Therapy for Stuttering

Our team are very passionate about assisting with practical and affirming stuttering therapy for clients under the NDIS. 

We work extensively with clients who present with multiple diagnoses in addition to stuttering.

This program starts with the  Diagnostic Stuttering Assessment for Adults.

Diagnostic Stuttering Assessment

Learn More

NDIS Speech Therapy for Voice Related Conditions

Our team are experienced in providing voice therapy for clients under the NDIS. 

We work extensively with clients who present with multiple diagnoses in addition to voice disorders. There are many conditions that can impact on voice production. Our team will assist you to build your voice function so you can speak with more clarity and comfort.

This program starts with the Diagnostic Voice Assessment.

Diagnostic Voice Assessment

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