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Have you ever felt curious about how your English accent is coming across? Ever have someone comment on your ‘strong accent’?

One of the biggest challenges to precise English speaking is setting up the pronunciation of sounds so that they flow consistently and you feel more comfortable.

Precise English pronunciation can seem impossible to achieve on your own. Levelling up needs feedback from a pronunciation expert.

Firstly, the spelling is confusing. It’s hard to find the clues behind the letters you see and the sounds you need. But don’t worry. They’re there and we’ll show you how to decode that side of things. 

Then, it’s near impossible to hear the difference between how you’re saying a word and the distinct way of pronouncing words by native English speakers. This makes it hard to work out what sounds are coming out right and which sounds need fine-tuning. After a few sessions with our team, you’ll be producing the differences you need, no problem. 

And then there is speaking fluently at work with your team, clients or managers… When work is super busy, how can you stop your pronunciation from getting in the way and becoming a distraction for your listener so that you can start feeling comfortable when speaking English?

If you just want to engage in conversations more confidently so your pronunciation is no longer a barrier to your career, you’re in the right place.

Hola! We’re the Voice Science Team


Speech Pathologist

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accent reduction in Melbourne



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Speech Pathologist

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Voice Science is the only company in Australia offering English pronunciation training with a team of bilingual speech pathologists. Together the team speak 4 languages.

You’ll feel supported, understood and advocated for, like nowhere else.

As speech pathologists and language lovers, we know there is both a science and art to achieving a firm grasp on the accurate pronunciation of the English language (or any language).

Speech pathology gives us the tools to analyse sound waves and write phonetics all the while understanding how to structure pronunciation goals for our clients so that they stick and can finally communicate with confidence and comfort.

The team at Voice Science has trained English pronunciation with 1000’s of clients from all over the world since 2013.

Over 10 years our director, Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez, has developed a tested and systematic method to audit your pronunciation and in so doing pinpoint the exact bottleneck you’re facing in your speaking.

If you’re wondering at this point… how do I get feedback on my speaking pronunciation? Will I need to physically come into the clinic for face-to-face sessions? We know how busy your schedules can be, so now you can access our online training right where you are. Yes, right there, in the comfort of your own home or even office wherever you are, anywhere in the world! 

And we want to share that with you.

No matter where you are.

So that you know where you stand. You’ll receive a complete game plan to progress your English communication.

Voice Science will give you an entire roadmap to pronunciation success so you can pass that IELTs or PTE English speaking exam, shine in your next job interview or speak calmly at work knowing that your message is coming across clearly.

If you want to improve your English pronunciation, you need to know this:

There are 6 basic bottlenecks that can hold you back from clear and confident English. You need to learn what your #1 bottleneck is before you can fix it.

Solving this problem for clients from many language backgrounds is what our team do all day, every day…

When it comes to your English speaking, there is no one size fits all answer.

This is why we’ve developed Your Personalised Pronunciation Audit to prescribe exactly what your English pronunciation needs right now.

What’s Included?

Pronunciation Blueprint
accent reduction in Melbourne

A comprehensive audit into every single sound of English so you know precisely which sounds you need to work on.

accent reduction in Melbourne

Speech Intonation
We’ll check your pitch, tone, word stress and emphasis to identify barriers to fluency & clarity.

accent reduction in Melbourne

English Fluency
We’ll check English speaking fluency features so you can learn how well your English speaking flows and what you need to incorporate to sound more natural.

accent reduction in Melbourne

Grammar & Vocabulary
We screen your voice, delivery, grammar & workplace needs so that you get the bigger picture of what your communication needs and build impact.

accent reduction in Melbourne

Vocal Health
Our team are also qualified voice therapists. We’ll screen your voice to make sure it’s working effectively.

accent reduction in Melbourne

Start NOW if you’re in a hurry!
Complete your audit online so that you can fit it into your busy schedule and time zone no matter where you live. Submit your recordings within 48 hours ready for your session with Sarah.

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We audit your natural speaking. Our ingenious video-based assessment is conducted in s conversational format led by our director, Sarah so that you speak as you normally would, in order for us to get a true picture of your English pronunciation.

accent reduction in Melbourne

1-1 Strategy Feedback Session included. You’ll receive a 30-minute Pronunciation Feedback Session with one of our speech pathologists so you can learn exactly what your English speaking needs and get your questions answered – Valued at $220.

Pronunciation Audit

Discover The 1 Thing Holding You Back From Clear & Confident English Communication


















accent reduction

How many sessions will I need?

Do not worry about this step and which option is for you until your audit is completed. Our team will give you a solid & honest recommendation on the suitable program once we have met and assessed you.

When your audit is completed you can proceed directly into your chosen pronunciation training program with our team.

Pronunciation Clarification (at times known as accent reduction) is a detailed process, especially since English has a lot of features to cover. It takes time to learn how to practise your English speaking. We train you with a research-based approach on motor learning and therapy principles that does not fit a single session approach.

Muscle Memory matters.

In the early stages of training at Voice Science, we apply scientific methods to strengthen learning.  We show you how to practise & produce accurate sounds.

If you’ve got questions about our programs, get in touch.

Case Study

accent reduction in Melbourne

Take for example Min. When I first met her she was really finding it hard to speak up at work in her high powered job as an accountant.  Why? Well she knew that her English pronunciation could be so much better. She had always been a conscientious person and after 10 years working at her English she couldn’t figure out how to change her accent. Although proud about her first language and identity, Mimi really wanted to speak English properly because there’s no harm in that, right?

Mimi felt that when she spoke, her pronunciation was “getting in the way.”

Although her colleagues were super supportive, she perceived they could not focus in enough on what she was saying because her pronunciation was distracting them.

Mimi purchased her Personalised Pronunciation Audit and hasn’t looked back since. Not only did she learn that her consonants were very accurate, so she could feel comfortable about her strengths in English, she also got perspective on what she needed to work towards – her vowels.

See, Mimi’s first language only has 5 vowels and English has a sum total of 20 (depending on the accent). From her aud,it Mimi finally learned that the best approach to correcting her English speaking was to learn the 15 missing vowels so that she had all the sounds English requires. This was really reassuring for her because in the past she could never pinpoint what it was that her speaking needed.

Mimi then went on to work with our team in tailored sessions and achieved an amazing outcome with increased precision and confidence. She even got herself a promotion for her work. If Mimi could get the outcome she dreamed of while working a full-time job for a large accounting firm, doing her CPA and looking after her small family, you can too!

The Personalised Strategy Feedback Session is one of our favourite appointments to deliver.

Our team of clinicians will identify for you the main bottleneck you face that is stopping your speaking from improving and recommend the ways we can partner with you to solve it.

We can’t wait to meet you!

The Voice Science Team

1. Who will assist me in my Online Accent Reduction & English Pronunciation training?

All sessions will be delivered by our certified practicing speech pathologists with extensive experience in accent modification and English pronunciation training.

2. If I reduce my accent will it affect my first language?

No! Sounds of your first language will remain distinct from any new language that you study.

3. I really want to use Voice Science for my English pronunciation training but I don’t live in Melbourne. What can I do?

This program is exactly for you if you are wanting to access premier online accent reduction with experts. We don’t want you to feel held back by your location or geography.

We know that it can be hard to find real specialists everywhere. This program has been developed so you can access the world’s best training for English pronunciation right where you are.

Voice Science assists clients all over the world to enhance their English communication. Your accent reduction training will be crafted to suit your needs and just as detailed and fun as our in house accent reduction training programs. Read more about how online pronunciation training works here.

4. Is it possible for my company or employer to cover payment of my English Pronunciation training?

Many employers assist in the payment of accent reduction training at Voice Science in order to develop their staff to better meet Key Performance Indicators, particularly in the areas of communication. Voice Science partners with companies to strengthen communication skills for their employees career success. We are able to provide information to your employer or recruiter about what types of accent and communication training we can implement to assist you in your career.

5. I'm worried about how to incorporate daily speech practice so that I can achieve my communication goals. How will I know how to practice?

We will write goals to improve your practice approach. Everyone comes from a different scholastic background. For most adults, the idea of daily practice can be very foreign. Sarah tries to share her knowledge about practice theory that she has obtained as a professional classical musician with all clients in  order to support their engagement with a practice schedule. It can take some time to develop motivation and routine with practice. This is something that we encourage you to discuss openly and frankly with your speech pathologist so we can assist you to incorporate speech and communication practice into your daily routine.

6. How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The initial diagnostic assessment will investigate and rate your current accent against your future target. This assessment protocol will identify your production of all the sounds required for the accent of English that you wish to master. The speech pathologist will record and analyse the accent features phonetically and determine the degree of variance between your current speech patterns and your overall goal. This information is then used to forecast the number of sessions required to address your communication needs. Your current accent will be rated as Mild, Moderate or Pronounced against your overall accent target.

We usually recommend 15 sessions if you want a thorough insight into speaking skills for English, 10 sessions if you want a solid insight and 5 sessions if you want to add in some basics.

7. Do I need to practice with audio samples? Does listening to the target accent help me create it?

In the early stages of training at Voice Science it is critical that a scientific method is applied to advance your learning. Listening to target sounds will not assist you in acquiring your target sounds so we do not allocate any audio material at the start of training. Home practice between your sessions will be designed with the core goal of you actively and carefully producing your target sounds. You will be instructed in the process of how to create your sound and monitor it’s accuracy as you produce it. Research shows that when a new sound is stabilised it is not beneficial for the participant to listen as it is easy to encounter a perception error. You will be more successful if you are shown how to produce a sound with the correct mechanics and actually sit and produce it rather than listen to it!

That being said, you will have access to a lot of audio samples in your Cadenza Practice Suite to keep you happy if you are the kind of person who likes listening to audio examples.

8. If I sign up for an online Accent Reduction or English Pronunciation Training Program at Voice Science, how long will it take for me to notice changes and progress in my communication?

Adjusting speech behaviours and patterns of speaking is a process. How long it takes for you to notice change in your accent or general communication depends on a few factors:

1) The degree of distance your current accent is from your final accent target (Standard Australian Accent, Neutral International Accent, General American Accent, Standard British accent).

2) Whether you create clear sounds in your first language. Some clients may present with a speech disorder or distortions in their first language. For these clients it can take more time for sounds to stabilise for their alternate languages.

3) Practice. One of the key predictors of speech change is how effectively and frequently you practice your accent and communication goals. At Voice Science, we will support you in developing a clear understanding of how to practice. This is one of our key interests for any client who commences training at Voice Science, especially since research evidence supports the impact of regular, drill based practice on speech change outcomes. We will create individual practice goals with you that are strategic.

9. How do online sessions work?

We have worked successfully online with many clients since we started business in 2013. If you are wondering how online sessions work, you should definitely read this article we have written just for you!

10. Are Practice Resources Included?
This is one of our favourite things at Voice Science- equipping our clients with incredible resources to take their goals forward. All accent program clients receive access to the practice platform where you will find a massive amount of tools and tips to guide your daily practice.

Silver program clients get 5 weeks bonus access to the suite.

Gold program clients get 10 weeks bonus access to the suite.

Platinum program clients get 10 weeks bonus access to the suite.

Once your access expires you can easily move onto our monthly subscription program for $39 per month to stay connected to the suite.

11. Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we do! All programs have the option for payment plans.

12. Do You Have A Refund Policy?

Voice Science sessions are engaging, stimulating and a first-class experience for your communication. Since extensive planning and detail go into tailoring sessions for you, we do not extend any refunds on any of our services. We provide a top-tier service, if you are dissatisfied with anything we’ll work to make it right because we are committed to advocating for your communication comfort.

13. How much do the programs cost once I've completed my audit?

You can see our 3 Pronunciation Clarity Programs and their prices at this page. 

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