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Practical Social Skills Assessment & Strategic Therapy Sessions with Speech Pathologists for Adults

Social Skills For Adults: Assessment & Strategies

Do you find it difficult to interact and come up with conversation?

Is small talk a nightmare?

Or even knowing what is appropriate to say for all the environments you find yourself in?

How about connecting with people on your team?

Avoiding and minimising the fall out of disagreements?

Understanding others perspectives?

This social communication assessment is the first step to improving your social skills and general communication abilities.

The first step to starting social communication training for adults in Melbourne or online is the Social Communication Assessment for Adults.

Our clinic is based in Collins Street – easy to access and perfect if you are based in the city or working from the city.

We’re one of the few speech pathology clinics that offers social communication sessions in Melbourne that is structureed for adults solely. This makes our clinic the perfect spot if you are looking for a confidence boosting spot to work on your social communication. All of our approaches are geared to adults. You don’t want to visit a clinic with lots of toys, kids picture books and a paediatric focus if your goals are real life adult needs!

We also provide online assessment and consulting sessions.

These sessions adults with strategies to improve their conversation skills and social language abilities.

This includes but is not limited to your ability to:

  • Build and maintain rapport,
  • Increase and maintain relationships,
  • Understand non-literal and figurative language,
  • Understand others’ perspectives
  • Participate socially or in the workplace


Social Skills for Adults

Social communication assessment is conducted when a client may potentially be experiencing a social communication disorder like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but not all clients who seek this assessment will necessarily have a diagnosis of Autism.


This session is the chance for you to share your global communication concerns with the speech pathologist who will prepare a comprehensive consultation report designed to identify core strategies to be addressed with you in ensuing social communication therapy sessions.


Our speech pathologists will investigate your social language strengths and weaknesses, then develop strategies to improve your communication participation. We will create speech therapy targets to help with communication in the workplace to better enhance your participation, outcomes and achievements. We can also help you with social skills and tips to help with your social life, family life or even during every day activities in public.

Sessions are billed according to NDIS pricing.

We work with NDIS Self Managed and NDIS Plan Managed clients.

Please contact our clinic first for preparation of your service agreement prior to commencement.

Rebates may be available for these sessions.

We welcome referrals from allied health service providers and general practitioners for speech pathology treatment adults with autism or social communication concern. Click here to read more about referrals.


If you are managed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, please click the button below to learn more about how to commence your NDIS Speech Therapy sessions.
About the Program
Individually tailored clinical social communication assessment undertaken by one of our speech pathologists.

If people skills and soft skills don’t come easily, this assessment might be the best way to uncover areas that need work and strategy.

This assessment session is suited to clients with:

  • General/ non diagnosed communication difficulties 
  • Autism,
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Language disorder

Every Assessment includes:

+ Case history interview to determine the history of communication concerns and impacts.

+ Assessment into core communication environments impacted.

+ Careful consideration of your current communication needs, workplace setting, career aspirations, areas of concern.

✪ The session fee includes written correspondence with medical practitioners, analysis of our findings and planning of your therapy sessions.

This fee does not include a report, which you may request in addition. Due to the time involved in writing a comprehensive report, an extra fee will apply. Please advise your clinician if you would like a report. 


Please allow 45 minutes for this session

If you have questions about this service, please contact our helpful reception team.

What the Assessment Investigates

This consultation is the perfect fit for clients who have concerns about some or all of the following:

  • Creating small talk and conversation
  • Building relationships, forming friendships & interpersonal relationships
  • Uncertainty about how to behave socially &/or anxiety about how to interact with people
  • Difficulties expressing or sharing your feelings or mood with the right words
  • Confusion with why people think you are being inappropriate
  • Uncertainty about why people misunderstand your comments & become offended or upset when you speak
  • The feeling that making conversation is a total mystery or impossible 
  • Severe difficulties entering a group setting
  • Pronounced social anxiety & lack of strategies to change your situation
  • Difficulties with new environments & self-regulation
  • Feedback that you are too “intense” “aggressive” “inflexible” when speaking
  • Concern that people might find you creepy or weird when you don’t intend to be
  • Difficulties comprehending social-emotional details
  • Problems turn-taking when having conversations
  • Dominating the conversation with your opinions or not leaving space for the opinion of others
  • Poor non-verbal communication skills ie. body language 
  • Insufficient or unusual eye contact when speaking
  • Poor understanding of gestures
  • Lack of facial expression or understanding of the facial expression of other people
  • Understanding the difference between fact/opinion & formal/informal manner when communicating
  • Understanding others’ perspectives from their verbal & non-verbal communication 

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We moved to our virtual clinic on Monday the 16th of March, 2020, until further notice.

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Each of us, yourself included, are crossing paths with vulnerable citizens of our communities. At Voice Science, we do not want to fail to react & respond to this critical phase.

Our virtual clinic has been running for 6 years alongside our Collins St site. We have served every continent other than Antarctica & Africa! The gear and tech needs no dress rehearsal, all we need is your ongoing trust & faith in our high quality service as always. We will, however, reach out to you personally, with a video tutorial to orientate you fully for your coming sessions.

My team is valuable and I’ve always wanted a safe and beautiful environment at Voice Science for them, and all of you.

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Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech Pathologist, Voice Science

What happens after the assessment?

Start Your Social Skills for Adults Sessions
Once your assessment session is completed you can proceed direct into your social communication training with our team.

We can’t wait to get you started!

The exact content of therapy sessions will vary significantly depending on what your goals are. We tailor our sessions to your needs so that you get the most out of our sessions. Goals in this area can take time to implement so it is important to us that we are targeting areas that you are motivated to improve in. 


Our therapy sessions can be completed both 1:1 and online. This allows you to have maximum control over your calendar and find a time that suits you best. We are able to adapt sessions to whichever mode you chose to make the most of your day and experience with Voice Science.

About the Program
+ 1 X 45 minute session plus 15 minutes post session planning conducted by the clinician after your appointment
+ Solo sessions

This is a good option if you are covered by NDIS.

About the Program
+ 5 X 45 minute sessions

+ Solo sessions

+ 5 weeks Introductory offer to Cadenza™ – our separate practice product

Our SILVER PROGRAM will take you on a firm & fun adventure into Social Communication Training and integrate your daily practise in our membership practise suite.

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