How To Express Yourself In English Better

A targeted guide to express yourself better in English: Watch the tutorial, download the pdf, get started on using emotional words in English.

express yourself in English

Today we are talking about expressing ourselves in English and using emotional words in English.

Now, if English is your second language you will find this tutorial really helpful. And if English is your first language, don’t run away. I am sure you will also pick up some ideas to help you use emotional words in English more effectively to describe how you feel.

express yourself in English

When we speak our mother tongue, there will be certain words that really move us emotionally. Our fellow native speakers will generally feel the same impact. But when we switch to our second language it’s normal to feel unsure or even worried about the vocabulary you are using.

By now I am guessing that your English speaking is proficient. Sure, you may struggle with certain sounds and grammar but across the board you can convey your meaning. But you know the feeling when the words are on the tip of your tongue and you can’t find the precise way to express how feel so that your taken seriously? But if you could only say it in your first language- its so much easier, isn’t it?

Your mother tongue is the biggest gift.

It’s like a box that holds the keys to understanding and describing everything that happens to us.

And only rarely do we get lost with how to express ourselves. But remember, you filled that box over time.

You’ve filled that box with the words of your favourite reading books, the voices of your parents and teachers, the naughty jokes of your teenage years and the words of your further studies.

This took time. There was structure- your daily life and routine built a structure and your words grew.

What are you doing now, in English to fill your word box?

This tutorial is going to help you get started on addessing this.

How to Express Yourself Better in English

Using The Emotional Vocabulary Builder Resource by Cadenza™

Here is what you are going to learn:

 In this tutorial we will do the following together: 

  • Develop a strategy to build your vocabulary around emotions so that you can feel more freedom and flexibility when speaking
  •  I will also show you how to use the Emotional Vocabulary Builder Resource to develop your ability to express your feelings and grow your English vocabulary even more.

So make sure you pick up that resource on this page.

Both video & transcript will be published at 8pm AEST on the 24th of May, so if you get to this page earlier than then, don’t forget to turn on the YouTube Premiere reminder button.

Using Emotional Words in English is important for your Speaking Confidence

Expressing yourself in your second language is a fine art!

There are so many challenges to getting your point of view across and one of the hardest things can be comparing your vocabulary in English against your first language.

It is normal to feel frustrated when speaking, especially when you are using emotional words in English.

Our first language is more often than not, the most comfortable language to cry in, fight in and even celebrate in.

Today my goal was to give you a few strategies to create a strong emotional impact when you are speaking. There are so many words in english and so little time to share them all with you. So the hard work is up to you.

When learning English, it can be easy to focus on all those work related words and verbs but to express yourself with satisfaction, a lot of work might be needed to build your emotional vocabulary. So why not start now?


Ciao for now,

XO Sarah

P.S. I encourage you to add something in the comments below. I’ve opened comments, because I think our little space on the internet is starting to feel more like a community, so it would delight me to see you engage in the conversation continuing below.

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