How to Practise English Speaking At Home Using Our High Voltage Drill Framework Resource

If you are trying to work out how to practice English speaking alone without a partner you need to get your hands on this high voltage drill framework.

English speaking

If I got a dollar for how many times my pronunciation clients have asked me how to practise their English speaking goals effectively at home I’d have a luxury yacht by now!
Even though all of our pronunciation program clients are shown in sessions exactly how to practise target sounds, the big question that always comes up is:

How can I practise my English speaking and pronunciation effectively at home, when you I am by myself?

I notice that lots of people feel really awkward making noises or speaking quietly to themselves.

I guess, sure, it can feel really strange reading pronunciation lists aloud in your own apartment, especially if you have a flatmate.

I’m always trying hard to understand why that feels strange because if you lived with me, you’d notice I’m the noisiest person in the world. Being an opera singer kind of requires you to make the strangest noises in your singing studio and somehow it feels normal to make noise around the apartment while alone. I mean, I sing so much around the house I sometimes surprise myself with any moment of silence. 

But I get it.

It is really awkward if this is not your normal daily routine and all of a sudden our team have asked you to spend time at home fogging up a mirror checking your English “th” sound, making sentences with challenging work words, drilling your speaking intonation  to reduce weird tonal errors or securing your jaw opening and tongue position on the /a:/ vowel so that you can’t confuse can’t with c*nt anymore.

Excuse me.

I’m sure you get my point.

But listen…

If you have set it in your heart that now is the time you want to finally get to the bottom of your English speaking dilemmas and overcome the stress of pronouncing words correctly, you will have to practise aloud, by yourself.

In fact, the work you do, aloud on you own to improve your English speaking, is what will have the biggest impact on your lifelong pronunciation. 

See here is the thing, while working with 1000’s of clients in our Accent reduction programs over the past 6.5 years I notice that there is a defining feature that sets my star students apart and it is nothing to do with how well I instruct them because, not to be arrogant, I’ve got that narrowed down to near perfection over the years. And my team are amazing at that too.

A big determing factor that we see contributing to outcomes for our clients comes down to them.

I notice that English Speaking always progresses when my clients have the correct:

Mindset and, Work ethic

Without those two things sorted out, you might as well forget about any English speaking goals because in spite of your desire, the lack of effort never pays off and you will never get ahead.

Pronunciation practise is super easy on your own and you certainly don’t need a partner or speaking buddy to do it successfully.

What you do need is:

  • Instructions from an expert in the sounds you need to improve.
  • A healthy practise mindset.
  • Bravery to start speaking English aloud to yourself at home, even if you are not alone.
  • A structure to drive your drill forward.
  • Check in sessions with your clinician to push you onto new English speaking territories when you are ready so that you climb to the peak of your own pronunciation Everest without getting stuck at basecamp.
  • Long term practise to allow muscle memory and awareness to kick in And we are talking more than a year.

    Pronunciation change takes more than skill. It is often easy to grasp a pronunciation sound once a professional shows you, but to make it stick, that’s where your mindset shift will help. You need to crack the old bad habits and this can only happen with high volume, long term repetition.

    English speaking

    Now, over to your tutorial ▶

    I get it. 

    It might feel like everything is cancelled during this pandemic.

    But guess what?

    Your pronunciation practise isn’t. Especially once you have watched this episode because I’m here to show you how you can practise your English speaking by yourself. You are going to learn how you can practise your target pronunciation sounds 36,500 times per year in under 5 minutes a day using my high voltage speaking drill framework. How cool is that?

    I really hope that you enjoy what I have prepped for you. 

    I gave up my weekend to do it because I firmly believe that communication  matters more than ever at this time and I really want you to see that Your Pronunciation can sparkle in public from the hard work you have done while bunkered down in doors. Let’s get something positive out of all situations we are thrown into. You can learn anywhere. And you can improve anywhere. The only thing stopping you from that, is you.

    Got a friend who could really do with this framework to help their English speaking and pronunciation practice? If you share your chocolate (I always do!) you should definitely share these pronunciation tips. Because let’s never forget, we are in the communication game together.


    Ciao for now,

    XO Sarah

    P.S. If you have something optimistic to share on this topic or feel in the mood to pop some words of encouragement out to anyone who happens upon this page like yourself, I encourage you to add something in the comments below. I’ve opened comments, because I think our little space on the internet is starting to feel more like a community, so it would delight me to see the conversation continuing below.

    How to Practise English Speaking at Home Using Our High Voltage Drill Framework Resource

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