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You’ve done the hard work over the years learning English, doing your studies, finding work, making friends and feeling more at home in Australia.

But there’s this thing, right?

The feeling that you’re speaking sometimes, and the pronunciation seems to just get in the way.

After all this hard work on English how could this be?

But if you really think about it… who ever sat down with you, to show you the shape of the mouth for all those English sounds?

Your friends can’t and we don’t think your English teachers have either. No offence to them, they did their best.

Is English Pronunciation Confusing?

Sadly the beauty of English pronunciation is that it can feel like one big phonetic mystery…

And it is, it really is. This is the true nature of the English language- phonetic mystery.

There simply is not one hard and fast set of spelling rules to count on to decipher how to say all the things.

Say Hi to Voice Science

Advocating for Communication Impact since 2013

Many non-native speakers opt to consult with our speech pathologists to reduce the impact of a foreign accent.

Accent reduction has been the heart and soul of our business since 2013. Accent modification is our passion as we fight by your side to show you how to practise and improve your English pronunciation. We are here to show you the posture of the mouth and voice for English speaking. We deliver powerful communication strategies for you to take your English speaking to the next level.

Our team are internationally minded. Our role is also to advocate for your communication participation so you can have impact across all the areas of your life that need your opinion and message to be expressed.

Trained to assess sound.

Our Speech pathologists are fully skilled in transcription of the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as the muscle movements of the speech apparatus. We know the nerves and muscles of speech intricately!

We will teach you to use phonetics & other technical applications to power up your English speaking.

We All Have An Accent.

Your accent is something valuable. It is something to be proud of as part of our identity- it represents your historical, social and cultural background.

The American Speech, Language, Hearing Association (the American National credentialing association for speech-language pathologists) issued the following statement,

 Accent is a variation of a symbol system used by a group of individuals that reflects and is determined by shared regional, social, or cultural/ethnic factors. A regional, social or cultural/ ethnic variation of a symbol system should not be considered a disorder of speech or language*

Standard English is the linguistic variety used by government, the mass media, business, education, science and the arts. This will vary according to the geographical location. For example, the favoured accent in Britain is inclined to be Received Pronunciation where in America, there is an emphasis on General American.  Therefore, there many International speakers find it advantageous to optimise their use of a consistent English sound pattern representative of their location according to their occupational and social needs. We train these accents mentioned as well as Standard Australian English.

According to Speech Pathology Australia, the official registration organisation for Speech Pathologists in Australia, Speech Pathologists are often engaged by non-native speakers to assist in the areas of speech intelligibility. Intelligibility enhancement is a great goal if your English speaking is hard to understand.

We will work with you to give you some strategies those annoying difficulties in “day-to-day communication.”

It is important to emphasise that accented speech is not classified as a disorder.

What do we know about English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Training?

Our team are qualified speech pathologists.

We are educated in how children & adults learn pronunciation (yes, it’s different).

Over the past six years we have worked closely with clients from all over the world. Our caseload has covered over 30 different languages. We have provided speaking training to people from all sorts of professions at different stages in their career path. Our sessions can be structured to first year university students through to company directors.

Do you want to be more fluent?

Why should I select a speech pathologist over other coaches for accent reduction?

Speech Pathologists operate from a clinical evidence-based practice model that considers the physiological, medical and behavioural aspects of speaking. Speech pathologists apply extensive scientific knowledge of head and neck anatomy to any treatment of accent. They are conversant with the latest research in the neurological controls for speech and behavioural therapy approaches that monitor the acquisition of goals clinically. They are also trained in analysing communication : speech sounds, language structuring, body language, social relations. Since speech accent is a function controlled by neurological and behavioural components, it is preferable to follow a clinical therapy based model rather than an educational model (as provided by an ESL instructor or linguistics major).

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Are you avoiding speaking on the telephone?

Is this for me?

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Want to work with us? Not sure yet?

Learn more about what we look into in your Diagnostic Accent Assessment Session at Voice Science. You can book this session face to face with us, in our Melbourne clinic. If you aren’t in Melbourne, don’t feel left out! We can do this online with you instead!

About the Program

Individually tailored accent & communication assessment that diagnoses your current English speaking patterns. This assessment is undertaken by one of our speech pathologists.

Our team team will investigate:

✪ Your pronunciation of every single vowel needed for English.Your pronunciation of every single consonant needed for English.

✪ English Speaking Fluency features. Is your speaking flowing, linking or segmenting?

✪ Assessment of speech intonation factors: pitch, tone, word stress, emphasis.

✪ We will also undertake a basic screener of global communication factors: voice, social communication, delivery, vocabulary, grammar & workplace needs.

✪ We look into sound – word – phrase – sentence & spontaneous speaking levels in this assessment to measure where you are at, ready for your training program with us.

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You can find us at Level 2, in the T&G Building, right in the heart of Collins St. We are available by appointment only.

If you don’t live in Melbourne, you can also book online appointments.

We work with lots of clients in other cities and countries for their English pronunciation training.

Click the button below to select a time for your first appointment. This will take you to our online booking site.

What happens after the assessment?

Choose your Pronunciation Program

Once your assessment session is completed you can proceed direct into your chosen pronunciation training program with our team.

Accent reduction is a detailed process, especially since English has a lot of features to cover. It takes time to learn how to practise your English speaking. We train you with a research approach based on motor learning and therapy principles that does not fit a single session approach.

We strongly recommend weekly sessions and discourage you from attending on a fortnightly basis. This is because of research into muscle memory and motor learning. 

In the early stages of training at Voice Science it is critical that a scientific method is applied to advance your learning.  Home practice between your sessions will be designed with the core goal of you actively and carefully producing your target sounds. You will be instructed in the process of how to create your sound and monitor it’s accuracy as you produce it. 

If you have questions about our programs, get in touch.

About the Program

+ 5 X 45 minute sessions
+ Solo sessions
+ 5 weeks Introductory to Cadenza™ – our seperate practise product

Our SILVER PROGRAM will give you with a basic introduction to English pronunciation.


✪ How to form a small handful of important vowels for English

✪ How to form a small handful of consonants for English

As well as,

✪ Basic insight into phonetics and the anatomy of English speech

✪ Extensive time to drill your pronunciation goals mostly at word level in the clinic

Outcomes vary among clients. If you are practising hard daily you should be able to integrate your pronunciation goals more solidly at a word level for the sounds you have learnt.


Pay in full or in 2 Seperate Payments.

About the Program

+ 10 X 45 minute sessions
+ Solo sessions
+ 10 weeks Introductory to Cadenza™ – our seperate practise product

Our GOLD PROGRAM will take you on a firm & fun adventure into English pronunciation.


✪ How to form the most important vowels of English

✪ How to form most consonants of English

✪ Strategies to practise English word & phrase stress

Introduction to Linking & Pronunciation Fluency strategies

As well as,

✪ Foundational insight into phonetics and the anatomy of English speech

✪ Extensive time to drill your pronunciation goals mostly at phrase level in the clinic

Outcomes vary among clients. If you are practising hard daily you should be able to integrate your pronunciation goals more solidly at a phrase level.


Pay in full or Pay in 3 instalments.

About the Program

+ 15 x 45 minute sessions
+ Solo sessions – no group work
+ 15 weeks Introductory Access to Cadenza™ – our seperate practice product

The PLATINUM PROGRAM is our premium pronunciation tuning offering.


✪ How to form all vowels of English

✪ How to form all consonants of English

✪ Strategies to practise English word, sentence & phrase stress

Detailed Linking and Pronunciation Fluency strategies

✪ Resources to boost your tone for English

As well as,

✪ Massive exposure to phonetics and the anatomy of English speech.

✪ Voice care strategies if needed.

✪ Increased time for our team to guide you in strategies to take your new speaking techniques into every day life.

Outcomes vary among clients. If you are practising hard daily you should be able to integrate your pronunciation goals more solidly at a sentence level.


Pay in full or pay in 5 instalments.


Check below if you have any questions!
1. Who will assist me in Accent Modification & English Pronunciation training?
All sessions will be delivered by a certified practicing speech pathologist with extensive experience in accent modification and English pronunciation training.
2. If I reduce my accent will it affect my first language?
No! Sounds of your first language will remain distinct from any new language that you study.
3. Do I need a referral from my General Practitioner to receive English Pronunciation training?
No referral is required to start any of our English pronunciation training programs.
4. Can I receive private health care rebates for English Pronunciation training with a speech pathologist?
Most Private Health funds stipulate that they do not cover accent reduction, elocution or English pronunciation training. Speech Pathology is covered by Private Health funds for diagnosable medical disorders and communication disorders such as stuttering, voice disorders and neurological impairments. Technically, an accent is not a communication disorder.
5. Can I receive Medicare cover for English Pronunciation training with a speech pathologist?

Medicare rebates are not available for accent reduction training services. Voice Science is registered as a Medicare provider but you will only be eligible for Medicare rebates if you are referred to us via your General Practitioner under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Medicare rebates are only eligible if you have been diagnosed with a speech, communication or swallowing disorder that has persisted, or is likely to persist, for at least 6 months. Read more about this program here.

6. Is it possible for my company or employer to cover payment of my English Pronunciation training?
Many employers assist in the payment of accent reduction training at Voice Science in order to develop their staff to better meet Key Performance Indicators, particularly in the areas of communication. Voice Science partners with companies to strengthen communication skills for their employees career success. We are able to provide information to your employer or recruiter about what types of accent and communication training we can implement to assist you in your career.
7. I really want to use Voice Science for my English pronunciation training but I don’t live in Melbourne. What can I do?
Voice Science assists clients all over Australia and globally to enhance their English communication. We provide accent reduction training that is individual and just as detailed as our in house accent reduction training programs through our web conferencing portal. See more information here.
8. If I sign up for an English Pronunciation Training Program at Voice Science, how long will it take for me to notice changes and progress in my communication?
Adjusting speech behaviours and patterns of speaking is a process. How long it takes for you to notice change in your accent or general communication depends on a few factors:

1) The degree of distance your current accent is from your final accent target (Standard Australian Accent, Neutral International Accent, General American Accent, Standard British accent).

2) Whether you create clear sounds in your first language. Some clients may present with a speech disorder or distortions in their first language. For these clients it can take more time for sounds to stabilise for their alternate languages.

3) Practice. One of the key predictors of speech change is how effectively and frequently you practice your accent and communication goals. At Voice Science, we will support you in developing a clear understanding of how to practice. This is one of our key interests for any client who commences training at Voice Science, especially since research evidence supports the impact of regular, drill based practice on speech change outcomes. We will create individual practice goals with you that are strategic.

9. I am worried about how to incorporate daily speech practice so that I can achieve my communication goals. How will I know how to practice?
We will write goals to improve your practice approach. Everyone comes from a different scholastic background. For most adults, the idea of daily practice can be very foreign. Sarah tries to share her knowledge about practice theory that she has obtained as a professional classical musician with all clients in  order to support their engagement with a practice schedule. It can take some time to develop motivation and routine with practice. This is something that we encourage you to discuss openly and frankly with your speech pathologist so we can assist you to incorporate speech and communication practice into your daily routine.
10. Do you provide group English Pronunciation training sessions at Voice Science?

For accent to adjust it is important that each client receives training that is targeted to their current accent features and also communication needs. This is the reason why we do not offer group based accent training as every person will have different communication needs and accent traces. Your speech pathologist will require you to provide key information to be used throughout your treatment to develop goals that support your communication needs. This might involve the submission of work specific vocabulary, description of typical communication activities that you engage in, the provision of conference papers that you need to present etc. Providing this information will allow us to integrate and simulate real life communication tasks into your training so that we can address your sounds of English in words that you actually use. By focusing on individual 1-1 sessions we ensure our training is client centred, evidence-based and success driven.

11. Do I need to practice with audio samples? Does listening to the target accent help me create it?
In the early stages of training at Voice Science it is critical that a scientific method is applied to advance your learning. Listening to target sounds will not assist you in acquiring your target sounds so we do not allocate any audio material at the start of training. Home practice between your sessions will be designed with the core goal of you actively and carefully producing your target sounds. You will be instructed in the process of how to create your sound and monitor it’s accuracy as you produce it. Research shows that when a new sound is stabilised it is not beneficial for the participant to listen as it is easy to encounter a perception error. You will be more successful if you are shown how to produce a sound with the correct mechanics and actually sit and produce it rather than listen to it!
12. When are English Pronunciation Training sessions available at Voice Science?
We provide accent reduction training at Voice Science via our Collins St Clinic during business hours from Mondays to Fridays between 9am – 5pm AEST. The last session for each day is a 4pm session.
14. How many sessions do I need?
The initial diagnostic assessment will investigate and rate your current accent against your future target. This assessment protocol will identify your production of all the sounds required for the accent of English that you wish to master. The speech pathologist will record and analyse the accent features phonetically and determine the degree of variance between your current speech patterns and your overall goal. This information is then used to forecast the number of sessions required to address your communication needs. Your current accent will be rated as Mild, Moderate or Pronounced against your overall accent target.

We usually recommend 15 sessions if you want a thorough insight into speaking skills for English, 10 sessions if you want a solid insight and 5 sessions if you want to add in some basics.


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Communication Strategies. Voice Science TV.

Put a Face to Voice Science

Check out our YouTube channel. You will find some simple introductory ideas to improve your: Speaking, Vocabulary, Voice Tone, Pronunciation, Accent, Fluency, Social Communication, Language for Leadership & Workplace Communication. You will learn something over there, but there’s nothing like a session with us for keeping insights tailored and relevant to your needs.



What are the key features of an Australian Accent?
The Australian Accent is a distinct accent produced by native English speakers in Australia. It’s a tough accent to replicate, even for actors in Hollywood.

At Voice Science™ we assist internationals to learn core features of the Australian accent by training the rules of Australian pronunciation.

Keep reading.

Create Insanely Powerful Communication Goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

This quote by Tony Robbins is so true!! We can’t expect to achieve something if we haven’t clearly defined what it is we want to achieve. However there is a true art form to setting goals and following through with them to allow you to actually accomplish your dream. And it’s not as hard as you may think.

Keep reading.

FAQs – English Pronunciation Training
Got more questions? Have a read through our FAQs page for English Pronunciation Training at Voice Science.

This post answers all sorts of questions like:

  1. Who will assist me in Accent modification & English Pronunciation Training?
  2. If I reduce my accent will it affect my first language?
  3. Do I need a referral from the Dr?
  4. Can I claim private health rebates for English Pronunciation training?

Keep reading.

Progressing your Pronunciation and Communication skill

Is a long term goal

By now you must realise that mastering a language takes work. The same goes for improving your English speaking. It’s hard work. It’s also a new type of learning, motor learning. Motor learning relies on coordinating new speech movements. Regular, ongoing drill is necessary to make your muscle memory tight for recall when speaking daily and make the new speaking habits stick.

We are the last ones who will tell you there is a quick fix, magic trick to sharpening your communication.

You’ve got to make daily drill and practice as ritual as brushing your teeth.

We are here to show you how.

Our team will lead you by the hand and outline the core basics and beyond of English pronunciation.

We are trained in anatomy & physiology for speaking and voice, neurology, behavioural therapy theories & read loads of research into how adults learn sounds in their second language. We’ve got this… But you will have to work hard and use a strong growth mindset.

I know… it would be a beautiful thing if 1 consult with speech pathologist made it all better but, we are trained as communication scientists and the last thing we want to do is make up fairy tales for adults!

When you attend sessions at Voice Science, you are learning new skills to put into practice to progress your speaking.

Our team uses evidence based Speech Pathology methods to give you the low down on how your speaking can change for the better.

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