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Does correct English pronunciation seem impossible to achieve on your own? It’s so difficult right? The spelling is confusing. Nothing like your first language where the letters actually make sense and link to a sound. Also, why is it so hard to hear the difference between how you are saying a word and what native speakers actually say? What are you actually doing wrong? And then there is speaking at work to your colleagues, clients or managers… When work is super busy, how can you stop your pronunciation getting in the way and distracting your listener so that you can start feeling comfortable when speaking English?  You just want to engage in conversations more confidently so your pronunciation is no longer a barrier to your career.

If you want to improve your English pronunciation, you need to know this:

There are 5 basic bottlenecks that can hold you back from clear and confident English.  You need to learn what your #1 bottleneck is before you can fix it.

Solving this problem for clients from many language backgrounds is what my team do all day, every day…


I’m Sarah,

Speech Pathologist.

Opera Singer.

Here to Help.

When it comes to your English speaking, there is no one size fits all answer. This is why I have developed Your Diagnostic Accent & Communication Assessment to prescribe exactly what your English pronunciation needs right now.


Purchase Your Assessment Session

The first step to your pronunciation program is purchasing Your Diagnostic Accent & Communication Assessment.

At the very beginning do not worry about which program you will need or how many sessions are required. Easy Tiger… we will assess you and let you know exactly what we recommend ready for step 2. Let’s get started first.

You can purchase your assessment easily below.

Personal Appointment

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Individually tailored accent & communication assessment that diagnoses your current English speaking patterns. This assessment is undertaken by one of our speech pathologists.

Our team team will investigate:

✪ Your pronunciation of every single vowel needed for English.Your pronunciation of every single consonant needed for English.

✪ English Speaking Fluency features. Is your speaking flowing, linking or segmenting?

✪ Assessment of speech intonation factors: pitch, tone, word stress, emphasis.

✪ We will also undertake a basic screener of global communication factors: voice, social communication, delivery, vocabulary, grammar & workplace needs.

✪ We look into sound - word - phrase - sentence & spontaneous speaking levels in this assessment to measure where you are at, ready for your training program with us.



What is Included?

Your Diagnostic Accent & Communication Assessment includes:

  • A tailored & comprehensive audit into every single sound of English.


  • We will investigate your use of English Speaking Fluency features: Does your speaking flow? If not, we know how to fix it.


  • Assessment of speech intonation factors: pitch, tone, word stress, emphasis.


  • Screening of your voice, social communication, delivery, vocabulary, grammar & workplace needs


  • Do The Audit In Your Own Time-zone According to Your Schedule, on request

Learn Which One of the 5 Bottlenecks to Pronunciation Clarity You Need to Overcome Right Now


✪ Bonus Personalised Pronunciation Success Digital BluePrint from Cadenza™: Your guide to the key features of clear & confident English Communication.


✪  Bonus 30-minute Pronunciation Feedback Session With Sarah, our Chief Speech Pathologist.



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Since we are a very busy clinic we do not have the capacity to work weekends or afterhours. You can however find lunch break sessions or request from your employer a work around to make your sessions. Don’t forget that our current online option can work easily as you can take sessions from your desk.

Book Your Appointment

Want to get your English pronunciation program started?

The first appointment to book is Your Diagnostic Accent & Communication Assessment. 

Click the button below to select a time for your first appointment. This will take you to our online booking site.

Our team are still offering appointments throughout the current COVID- 19 Pandemic.

We moved to our virtual clinic on Monday the 16th of March, 2020, until further notice.

As such, we will deliver your appointment online.

Each of us, yourself included, are crossing paths with vulnerable citizens of our communities. At Voice Science, we do not want to fail to react & respond to this critical phase.

Our virtual clinic has been running for 6 years alongside our Collins St site. We have served every continent other than Antartica & Africa! The gear and tech needs no dress rehearsal, all we need is your ongoing trust & faith in our high quality service as always. We will however reach out to you personally, with a video tutorial to orientate you fully for your coming sessions.

My team is valuable and I’ve always wanted a safe and beautiful environment at Voice Science for them, and all of you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech Pathologist, Voice Science


Attend Your Assessment Session

In your assessment session we will recordings of your current pronunciation, analyse your speech rhythm fluency and intonation. We also screen your general communication needs.

The first part of your assessment takes 30 minutes. At the end of your session your clinician will book you for your bonus 30 minute strategy feedback session with our clinic director, Sarah.

Is this for me?

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Want to work with us? Not sure yet?

Learn more about what we look into in your Diagnostic Accent Assessment Session at Voice Science. 



Get Feedback & Our Recommendations

Once your tasks are completed we will help you to schedule your bonus 30-minute strategy feedback session  online with our director, Sarah to learn about your recommended program treatment plan. This feedback & strategy session is a chance to get some feedback and ask any questions you have about how the programs work.

The Personalised Strategy Feedback Session is one of my favourite appointments to deliver for you at Voice Science!

Not many people can identify exactly what your pronunciation needs right at this moment. Solving this problem for my clients is exactly what I have been doing daily for the past 7 years. I will identify for you the main bottleneck you face that is stopping your speaking from improving and recommend the ways we can partner with you to solve it.

Can’t wait to meet you!


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Sarah Lobegeiger De Rodriguez

Clinic Director, Operatic Soprano, Voice Science™


How Many Sessions Will I need?
Do not worry about this step and which option is for you until your assessment is completed. Our team will give you a solid & honest recommendation on the suitable program once we have met and assessed you.

Once your assessment is completed you can proceed direct into your chosen pronunciation training program with our team.

Accent reduction is a detailed process, especially since English has a lot of features to cover. It takes time to learn how to practise your English speaking. We train you with a research approach based on motor learning and therapy principles that does not fit a single session approach.

We strongly recommend weekly sessions and discourage you from attending on a fortnightly basis. This is because of research into muscle memory and motor learning.

In the early stages of training at Voice Science it is critical that a scientific method is applied to advance your learning.  Home practice between your sessions will be designed with the core goal of you actively and carefully producing your target sounds. You will be instructed in the process of how to create your sound and monitor it’s accuracy as you produce it.

If you have questions about our programs, get in touch.

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+ 5 X 45 minute sessions
+ Solo sessions
+ 5 weeks Introductory to Cadenza™ – our seperate practise product

Our SILVER PROGRAM will give you with a basic introduction to English pronunciation.


✪ How to form a small handful of important vowels for English

✪ How to form a small handful of consonants for English

As well as,

✪ Basic insight into phonetics and the anatomy of English speech

✪ Extensive time to drill your pronunciation goals mostly at word level in the clinic

Outcomes vary among clients. If you are practising hard daily you should be able to integrate your pronunciation goals more solidly at a word level for the sounds you have learnt.


Pay in full or in 2 Separate Payments.

Pay in full or in 2 separate payments

Learn More
+ 10 X 45 minute sessions
+ Solo sessions
+ 10 weeks Introductory to Cadenza™ – our seperate practise product

Our GOLD PROGRAM will take you on a firm & fun adventure into English pronunciation.


✪ How to form the most important vowels of English

✪ How to form most consonants of English

✪ Strategies to practise English word & phrase stress

Introduction to Linking & Pronunciation Fluency strategies

As well as,

✪ Foundational insight into phonetics and the anatomy of English speech

✪ Extensive time to drill your pronunciation goals mostly at phrase level in the clinic

Outcomes vary among clients. If you are practising hard daily you should be able to integrate your pronunciation goals more solidly at a phrase level.

Pay in full or in 3 separate payments.

Learn More
+ 15 x 45 minute sessions
+ Solo sessions – no group work
+ 15 weeks Introductory Access to Cadenza™ – our seperate practice product

The PLATINUM PROGRAM is our premium pronunciation tuning offering.


✪ How to form all vowels of English

✪ How to form all consonants of English

✪ Strategies to practise English word, sentence & phrase stress

Detailed Linking and Pronunciation Fluency strategies

✪ Resources to boost your tone for English

As well as,

✪ Massive exposure to phonetics and the anatomy of English speech.

✪ Voice care strategies if needed.

✪ Increased time for our team to guide you in strategies to take your new speaking techniques into every day life.

Outcomes vary among clients. If you are practising hard daily you should be able to integrate your pronunciation goals more solidly at a sentence level.

Pay in full or in 5 separate payments

FAQ's About Accent Reduction In Melbourne or Online

Check below if you have any questions!

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Trained to assess sound.

Our Speech pathologists are fully skilled in transcription of the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as the muscle movements of the speech apparatus. We know the nerves and muscles of speech intricately!

We will teach you to use phonetics & other technical applications to power up your English speaking.

Purchase Your Assessment Now

What do we know about English Pronunciation & Accent Reduction Training?

Our team are qualified speech pathologists.

We are educated in how children & adults learn pronunciation (yes, it’s different).

Over the past six years we have worked closely with clients from all over the world. Our caseload has covered over 30 different languages. We have provided speaking training to people from all sorts of professions at different stages in their career path. Our sessions can be structured to first year university students through to company directors.

Easy, personalised & inspiring assessment into your speaking