What Predicts Amazing English Pronunciation Success?

Video Tutorial
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Video Tutorial: English Pronunciation Success & Your Phonological Working Memory

When adults learn the sounds of a new language, we see a massive difference in ability.

Everyone shows a different degree of English pronunciation success.

Why is it that some adults do a bit better than others?

In my clinic, I’m meeting clients daily and no one person sounds the same or achieves the same level of success.

Guys, you’re all so different. 

But some, for some reason, are a few steps ahead.


This vlog is going to hypothesise why. 


So make yourself comfy, perhaps get a notebook to take notes so you learn and remember better and lets learn more about how your phonological working memory shapes your English pronunciation success.


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 Now, over to your tutorial,

One of the main determiners of English pronunciation success is Phonetic Coding Ability (Caroll, 1981). This term has been floating around for a long time in research but what does it mean?

English pronunciation success

Our pronunciation clarity programs nourish your phonetic coding ability. We teach you phonetics so that you build skill in this area to increase your English pronunciation success.

But that’s not all you need for a good outcome!

We also train you to get close and personal with your Phonological Working Memory.

English pronunciation success

And this is what you are going to learn all about in today’s tutorial!


This Tutorial is for you if:



  • You feel frustrated with trying to copy English pronunciation in online tutorial (quick hint, that doesn’t work)


  • You feel like you are wasting your time trying to mimic native speakers (you are!)


  • You want to understand more about factors that predict English pronunciation success if it’s your second language


So dive right into it and when you are done, let me know what you think!

Remember to check the transcript if you prefer reading over watching or even doing a bit of both! It features all the infographics from your tutorial as well for reference.


Put a Face to Voice Science

Both video & transcript will be published at 8pm AEST on the 5th of July, so if you get to this page earlier than then, don’t forget to turn on the YouTube Premiere reminder button.


CAtegorising Working Memory

Working Memory is what we use to reason, understand & learn in life!

It comprises your:

phonological working memory

When we work with you in Pronunciation Clarity Programs at Voice Science, we are constantly strengthening your phonological loop and phonological working memory.

We train you in how to practice via our bonus Voice Science Program’s course Perfect Your Practice, that accompanies your sessions.

English Pronunciation Success Relies on Effective Practice Systems.

The aim is that this process occurs during your home practice, to strengthen your integration of sounds and increase your English pronunciation success.

phonological working memory

If you want to get started on a science-based method to increase your English pronunciation success I recommend that you select a method that allows you to engage close and personal with your phonological working memory. 

When you’re listening to any language, it can be super hard to work out how to copy the sounds.

The big takeaway is you can’t.

If you want to improve your English pronunciation success, you need to learn:

1. How to say the sounds mechanically (phonetic coding ability)

2. How to practice effectively so that you are activating your phonological working memory to strengthen learning and prevent the knowledge from decaying.

This is just as important as learning how to say the sounds correctly as it will guarantee your success.

I hope this tutorial gave you a chance to learn something new about English pronunciation, especially a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t (mimicry & copying)

Let me know if you have any questions & feel free to share this tutorial with your mates 🙂

I hope you learnt something new and that you feel inspired to keep up the good work of improving your communication.

There is nothing better than working on a language.

It builds your brain, confidence and skill as a communicator.

So keep it up! Don’t give up!

Ciao for now,




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