Isn’t it Time to Learn English Word Stress?

Today’s episode is designed to stress you out a bit, in the best possible way! Let’s explore English word stress together.

word stress

The word stress patterns of a language shape its rhythm. And when it comes to training word stress, baby that’s my thing.

Word Stress is part of the music of the language and nothing gets me more excited than when my knowledge as an opera singer overlaps with my knowledge as a speech pathologist.

And I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you today.

So make yourself comfy, perhaps get a notebook to take notes so you learn and remember better and lets polish up your English speaking together and add a little stress to it!

word stress

What is Word Stress?

Now, over to your tutorial. First, we need to define word stress!

PTE Pronunciation

This Tutorial is for you if: 

  • You haven’t worked out how to emphasise words
  • You feel like your pronunciation is clear, but something is still not quite right
  • You want to go deeper with your message so that your listener really gets you 

So dive right into it and when you are done, let me know what you think!

Watch the tutorial for this blog now from Voice Science TV 🎥

Put a Face to Voice Science

Both video & transcript will be published at 8pm AEST on the 28th of June, so if you get to this page earlier than then, don’t forget to turn on the YouTube Premiere reminder button.

Categorising Stress

There are 3 main ways we can categories word stress in a language.

PTE Pronunciation

With this info in mind this means that when we audit your pronunciation at Voice Science via our fave service Your Personalised Pronunciation Audit, we take into account the stress needs of your first language and contrast it against what your English speaking needs so that we are ready to train you up on your speaking rhythm skills for English when you start a program with us.

 You want to know what type of stress you started your life within speaking because chances are that is what you are calibrated to! 

There’s no short cut to word stress accuracy and the best approach is working hard with feedback that is tailored to you.

I hope this tutorial gave you a chance to learn something new about English pronunciation, especially a deeper understanding of what stress means and how it works in words.

Let me know if you have any questions & feel free to share this tutorial with your mates 🙂

Your voice and message matter immensely so put some goals in place today and if you need a hand, why not enrol today in your personalised pronunciation audit and get access to our team’s beautiful support and training to maximise your pronunciation clarity.

Ciao for now,

XO Sarah

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