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How To Choose Your Pathway to Improved English Communication Confidence

Finding your feet in your second language can be a real challenge. But I’m sure you can tell me in a split second if you feel real English communication confidence?

Your heart will race, or you’ll feel a little anxious if you’re not there yet.

Before you feel bad about yourself, I’m here to tell you, this is so common in your second language.

Maybe everyone has these feelings of imposter syndrome. That horrible sensation that you just don’t stack up well when you’re speaking.

Trust me, I felt it when I was living in Germany.

It was so hard to position my voice confidently and then some German sounds were actually quite hard to get comfortable and master so that I could feel natural when speaking.

I’m a big extrovert but in Germany I found myself becoming a little wallflower. I would try to hide away in my little attic apartment on a university campus and feel ashamed and socially awkward whenever I had to meet new people.

It was so against the grain.

I really battled with it, because I felt like I’d lost the very core of my gregarious temperament in that tough process of articulating my thoughts in my second language.

When you make a decision to improve your English speaking, I recommend being really analytic.

It takes a lot of work to improve communication and you want to make sure you’re barking up the right tree when you start a program.

What I discovered was, it was not so much my German abilities that were getting in the way of communicating confidently. Instead, it was my lack of strategies for my new environment. I needed strategies to pronounce German with more comfort, and strategies to integrate all my solid skills from my mother tongue, seamlessly into the German context.

In today’s vlog, I want to show you the options you have because once you know that you can really clarify your decisions and start moving your English speaking forward.

If you’ve watched any of my other vlogs you’ll know how much I’m here to advocate for accents. In fact, I believe There’s no such Thing as a Strong Accent. 

But that being said, I know that speaking in your second language can make it really hard to move fluently and efficiently through all the new sounds. So for some of my clients focusing on the sound-based work will be the key to boost their communication confidence.

But then there are also clients that sound clear but just can’t put their finger on what’s missing in their English speaking. 

Here we are facing the need for strategies outside of pronunciation.

If English is your second language your communication comfort and confidence doesn’t just come down to how well you pronounce. It’s not all about your accent! So what can you do to leverage your message and add a competitive advantage to your social interactions at work?

A lot.



There’s an unending amount of strategies you can add to your communication and the best approach for this comes under our High – Performance Communication Services (elocution). This service is applicable to anyone who feels held back with their speaking and we have so many native English speakers getting real value from this program.


So sit back, enjoy the vlog below and as always if you have any questions, you just let me know, deal?

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Which should you Choose?

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What next?

I hope this vlog shows you that English communication confidence is not ALL about your accent.


In fact, if you’re planning to improve your English speaking skills it’s vital to think about whether your goals are purely around pronunciation or mostly about how you prepare and deliver your message. 


As I always say, communication is like string theory, it’s the foundation of everything, so if you’re not sure which direction your communication needs to head in to improve, it’s really worthwhile getting a proper science-based assessment by our team to really understand your needs and to identify powerful and relevant goals. 

Thank you so much for watching!

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Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and don’t forget to freely express yourself.

See you soon at Voice Science!


Ciao for now,



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