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Communication is Like String Theory, it's the Foundation of Everything

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez, VOICE SCIENCE™

Choose Your Program for High-Performance Communication

Your High-Performance Communication Audit checked the key things you need to improve your communication.

We assessed the following in order to recommend the best custom fit for your progress and to achieve your communication goals so that you can optimise your communicate for high-performance.

communication course in Melbourne

After your Blueprint Strategy Session you’ve received recommendations for which program is a good fit for you.

Your recommendation is based on our rating of your current communication needs and goals.

Make sure you check your High-Performance Digital Success BluePrint to see which stages of High-Performance Communication you can work through with our team as well as your email summary for you.

We want you to make the decision around the number of sessions for your communication program in Melbourne or online comfortably, with no pressure.

Each program will unlock your Cadenza™ Elocution Suite for access to your communication program materials as you work through your sessions with our team.

Instalment payments are available. Refer to each program below for information on fees and let us know if you have a question.


Step 1

Make sure Your Audit Is Completed!

The first step to starting your High-Performance Communication course in Melbourne and Online is to Enrol in your audit.

Step 2

Purchase your Elocution Program

Purchase your chosen program at the links below and get ready for your sessions,

About the Program
+ 1 X 45 minute Elocution Strategy session

These sessions will goals from your Elocution & Communication consultation. Unlike the silver and gold programs this session does not include introductory access to Cadenza™.

Our Elocution Strategy sessions are designed for individuals who are concerned about one or more aspects of their communication presentation according to how time permits and may include:

✪ Strategies for delivery

✪ Voice projection training

✪ Speech precision training

✪ Vocabulary extension and expressive language development

✪ Social communication strategies to increase your assertiveness, diplomacy or persuasiveness

As well as,

Industry sector Communication training, Telephone training, Public speaking training, Communication for networking, Delivering a sound sales pitch, job interview skills, conference presentation preparation (as required).

Pay in full or pay on an instalment plan

About the Program
+ 5 X 45 minute consultations

+ Solo sessions

+ 5 weeks Introductory to Cadenza™ – our seperate practice product

Our SILVER PROGRAM will give you with a basic introduction to strategies improve your speaking and delivery.


Foundations of Voice

✪ How to warm up your voice to boost clarity and increase your vocal consistency for when it matters

✪ How to project your voice effectively

✪ How to protect your voice so you can deliver good voice tone more consistently

Foundations of Language & Your Message

✪ How to structure your message when speaking to make people listen better

✪ How to expand your vocabulary

✪ How to use your language to catch attention, build listener interest and increase impact

✪ How to be more flexible with your sentence and content to keep people listening

✪ How to use your speaking to give methodical, insightful and powerful answers, no matter the topic

✪ How to reduce the fillers in your life that kill your message impact (um, like, err, em, the thing is, It’s kinda like…)

Pay in full or pay on an instalment plan

About the Program
+ 10 x 45 minute sessions

+ Solo sessions – no group work

+ 10 weeks Introductory Access to Cadenza™ – our seperate practice product

The GOLD PROGRAM is our premium elocution tuning offering.


Foundations of Voice

✪ How to warm up your voice to boost clarity and increase your vocal consistency for when it matters

How to project your voice effectively

How to protect your voice so you can deliver good voice tone more consistently

Voice Extension 

How to scale your voice tone to increase listener engagement

Voice delivery for public speaking, podcasting, vlogging, key note speaking, TedTalks (select as needed)

How to scale your voice tone to increase listener engagement

Advanced speech intonation training to address : upspeak, speech rate, acoustic fine tuning to sound more interesting

Language & Your Message Extension

How to structure your message when speaking to make people listen better

How to expand your vocabulary

How to use your language to catch attention, maintain attention and increase impact

How to use your language to catch attention, maintain attention and increase impact

How to be more flexible with your sentence and content to keep people listening

 How to use your speaking to give methodical, insightful and powerful answers, no matter the topic

✪ How to reduce the fillers in your life that reduce your message impact (um, like, err, em, the thing is, It’s kinda like…)

 How to scale your tone, manner and formality for increased engagement

 Written communication strategies (as required)

 Non verbal presentation strategies for different modalities: training, group meetings, vlogging, key notes

 How to modify your sentence structure to sound more assertive, persuasive or authoritative

Customised feedback

In this program there is usually sufficient time to provide us with material for customised feedback or rehearsal. It is not uncommon for our clients to rehearse a TedTalk with us, do a final vocal warm up an hour before a keynote in California, run a script for a speech, simulate a vlog or bring audio from a team meeting (with permission from their company, of course!), or a rehearsal for what you will say when asking your boss for a payrise. Elocution Strategy Sessions are what you bring to the table. We will dig deep, evaluate and problem solve any activities you are needing support with in a confidential consult.

Pay in full or pay on an instalment plan

Our Guarantee to You

Voice Science sessions are engaging, stimulating and a first-class experience for your communication. Since extensive planning and detail go into tailoring sessions for you, we do not extend any refunds on any of our services. We provide a top-tier service, if you are dissatisfied with anything we’ll work to make it right because we are committed to advocating for your communication comfort.

Step 2

Book Your Appointment

Once you’ve bought your program above, we’ll contact you via email to arrange your appointment bookings.

We have appointments from Monday to Friday between 9am through to 4pm.

FAQ's about our communication programs in melbourne or online

Check below if you have any questions!

If you’re feeling confused, don’t worry!

You can find Sarah via the chat box at the left of the screen if you’ve got questions


These sessions are the perfect fit if you have one or more concerns relating to

  • Message clarity, delivery and tone
  • Language and vocabulary extension
  • Using a comfortable and appropriate speech rate (but possible diagnosis of stuttering)
  • Word finding difficulties and content planning difficulties when speaking or writing
  • Voice Quality, voice projection difficulties
  • The wish to have some strategies to communicate with increased diplomacy, assertiveness and / or persuasiveness
  • A coming presentation or communication activity with high stakes. For example, conference presentations, filming or vlogging content, public speaking engagements, challenging job interviews or job applications, concerns about written expression, pitching your ideas to a team, delivering a speech at an important social or work event
  • Difficulties conversing with clients, colleagues, managers, key stakeholders
  • Social communication barriers: barriers when networking, making ‘small talk,’ starting conversations, joining group conversations,
  • Clarity and comfort concerns when speaking on the telephone
  • Concerns about speech and language formality
1. Who will assist me my Elocution & Communication Strategy Sessions?
Your program will be overseen by our chief speech pathologist, Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez who conducts all High-Performance Communication Audits.

Across the course of your program, you may have some specific sessions allocated by Sarah to another team member, however your overall course structure will be mapped out by Sarah from your initial consultation.

Program sessions will then be delivered by our team of speech pathologists with extensive experience in elocution, voice therapy and communication strategy.

2.What is covered in Elocution & Communication Strategy Sessions?
Voice Science™ Elocution sessions may involve some traditional speech pathology such as  voice therapy, pronunciation, social communication intervention and receptive or expressive language therapy alongside strategies for performance, vocal expression, strategies for entertaining and engaging your audience/communication partners and articulate delivery under pressure which Sarah draws from as a professional operatic soprano and performer.

In our elocution services we partner with you to strategise your commmunication impact.

You can choose to work on a plethora of of different things with us, not limited to…

  • Speech Fluency techniques: the catalyst to convincing and fluent speech
  • Pronunciation precision training
  • Communication in the boardroom
  • Making standout social media videos with a charismatic voice tone for your small business
  • Delivering better instructions and feedback to your employees?
  • Vocal delivery when leading a team
  • Conversational techniques geared to the corporate sector for use with clients, colleagues and key stakeholders
  • Language and vocabulary extension
  • Nailing a sales pitch with powerful words
  • Industry sector Communication training, Telephone training
  • Public speaking training / Conference presentation preparation
  • Leading interesting workshops
  • Communication for networking
  • Job interview skills
  • Social communication strategies for diplomacy, persuasion and assertive delivery

Our team are internationally minded. Clients of all creed, language and culture are welcome. The only people we don’t welcome are those who lack a growth mindset. Without that, we won’t have any triumphs to celebrate. If you think we are the magic fix, you found the wrong place.

3. Do I need a referral from my General Practitioner to receive these sessions
No referral is required to start any of our Elocution and Communication Programs as these are non-medical services.
4. Can I receive private health care rebates for these sessions
Most Private Health funds stipulate that they do not cover accent reduction, elocution or English pronunciation training. Speech Pathology is covered by Private Health funds for diagnosable medical disorders and communication disorders such as stuttering, voice disorders and neurological impairments. Technically, an high-performance communication needs are not related to communication disorders.

*If you have a social communication diagnosis like Aspergers or Autism, please refer to our Social Skills for Adults programs. 

5. Can I receive Medicare cover for Elocution and Communication Sessions

Medicare rebates are not available for elocution and high-performance communication services. Voice Science is registered as a Medicare provider but you will only be eligible for Medicare rebates if you are referred to us via your General Practitioner under a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Medicare rebates are only eligible if you have been diagnosed with a clinical voice, speech, communication or swallowing disorder that has persisted, or is likely to persist, for at least 6 months. Read more about this program here.

6. Is it possible for my company or employer to cover payment of my High Performance Communication Program?
Many employers assist in the payment of elocution & communication training at Voice Science in order to develop their staff to better meet Key Performance Indicators, particularly in the areas of communication. Voice Science partners with companies to strengthen communication skills for their employees career success. We are able to provide information to your employer or recruiter about what types of accent and communication training we can implement to assist you in your career.
7. I really want to use Voice Science for my Communication training but I don’t live in Melbourne. What can I do?
We have options! We assist clients all over the world to enhance their communication. We provide communication that is individual and just as detailed as our in house communication training programs through our secure web conferencing portal.
8. If I sign up for a Elocution & Communication Program at Voice Science, how long will it take for me to notice changes and progress in my communication?
Adjusting communication behaviours and patterns of speaking is a process. How long it takes for you to notice change in your general communication depends on a few factors:

1) Your mindset

2) Practice. One of the key predictors of speech change is how effectively and frequently you practice and appraise your communication goals. At Voice Science, we will support you in developing a clear understanding of how to practice. This is one of our key interests for any client who commences training at Voice Science, especially since research evidence supports the impact of regular, drill-based practice on speech and language change outcomes. We will create individual practice goals with you that are strategic.

9. I am worried about how to incorporate daily communication practice so that I can achieve my communication goals. How will I know how to practice?
We will write goals to improve your practice approach. Everyone comes from a different scholastic background. For most adults, the idea of daily practice can be very foreign. Sarah tries to share her knowledge about practice theory that she has obtained as a professional classical musician with all clients in  order to support their engagement with a practice schedule. It can take some time to develop motivation and routine with practice. This is something that we encourage you to discuss openly and frankly with your speech pathologist so we can assist you to incorporate speech and communication practice into your daily routine.
10. Do you provide group communication training sessions at Voice Science?

For communication to adjust it is important that each client receives training that is targeted to their communication needs. This is the reason why we do not offer group-based communication training as every person will have different communication needs.

Your speech pathologist will require you to provide key information to be used throughout your treatment to develop goals that support your communication needs. This might involve the submission of work specific vocabulary, description of typical communication activities that you engage in, the provision of conference papers that you need to present etc. Providing this information will allow us to integrate and simulate real-life communication tasks into your training so that you can address your goals pragmatically. By focusing on individual 1-1 sessions we ensure our training is client-centred, evidence-based and success driven.

*We do deliver workshops for companies under our corporate services. Contact us for more info if you are seeking training for a group of employees.

12. When are Elocution sessions available at Voice Science?
We provide communication training during business hours from Mondays to Fridays between 9am – 5pm AEST. The last session for each day is a 4pm session.
13. How do online sessions work?
We have worked successfully online with many clients since we started business in 2013. If you are wondering how online sessions work, you should definitely read this article we have written just for you!
14. How Many Sessions Do I Need?
The High-Performance Communication Audit will investigate and rate your current communication against your goals and daily needs. This assessment protocol will identify your ability to use the following effectively:

  • voice tone
  • speech expression
  • speech fluency
  • speech rate and speed
  • language and vocabulary
  • social communication and rapport building
  • specific communication activities like: networking, pitching, public speaking, appearing in video or podcasts and interviews, media readiness
  • pragmatic skills: diplomacy, persuasion, assertiveness, empathy and rapport
  • body language and delivery in space
  • written skills as required


This information is then used to forecast the number of sessions required to address your communication needs.

We usually recommend between 5 -15 sessions.

15. Are Practice Resources Included?
This is one of our favourite things at Voice Science- equipping our clients with incredible resources to take their goals forward. All accent program clients receive access to Cadenza- Your Personalised Elocution Suite where you will find a massive amount of tools and tips to guide your daily communication goals.

Silver program clients get 5 weeks bonus access to the suite.

Gold program clients get 10 weeks bonus access to the suite.

Platinum program clients get 15 weeks bonus access to the suite.

Once your access expires you can easily move onto our monthly subscription program for $39 per month to stay connected to the suite.

Elite Communicators

Want to get to the top? We know from speech science studies what mades speakers like Steve Jobs, Obama or even Jacinda Ardern stand out from other world leaders and innovators. We will share this and so much more in your sessions. We’ve prepared public speakers for TED Talks, academic conferences and even keynote speeches for the United Nations.

Stop hesitating & speak up

Learn Public Speaking Strategies to make it Easier!

The Research Base

There is a growing body of research into what makes speakers and presenters charismatic. Speech science researchers are uncovering new findings. Our team stays at the forefront of research into charisma and corporate communication. All sessions are based on the latest speech science findings about social communication strategies for impact, credibility and persuasiveness. Current research shows that your voice quality, speech rate and language features are essential to successful impact.

Want science based strategies? Our team have solid citations of great research articles. This is because we know that communication training needs to be evidence based.

Use your intonation & tone to command attention when filming

Goodbye Mumbling - Hello Clarity!

Create amazing podcasts with a captivating vocal tone

Catch more interest with powerful vocabulary

Reduce Up Speak & be Assertive

Break Your Communication Barriers

It's time to level up & strategise
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