How Aussies Say "Um"

Video Tutorial
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Video Tutorial: Filled Pauses and Silent Pauses in English

If you’re feeling frustrated about your English speaking ability, especially if English is your second language, it can be easy to focus only on the sounds and words you use.

But so much is going on in spaces between words, phrases and sentences. And I need you to explore that space in your speaking now. Your speaking proficiency depends on it!

So here’s what you’ll learn in today’s tutorial. 
1. Why silence matters just as much as sound when you’re speaking English

2. All pauses are not the same! I’ll provide you with a few definitions on different types of pauses to be mindful of when you’re speaking English.

3. Signs that you’re pausing in the wrong spot to get a strong message across.

How Aussies Say "Um" and other pauses!

Put a Face to Voice Science

Both video & transcript will be published at 8pm AEST on the 11th of October, so if you get to this page earlier than then, don’t forget to turn on the YouTube Premiere reminder button.


So can you fix filled pauses?

Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast cure to this because every speaker has different speech rhythm impacts determined by loads of different factors like your first language, your reactions to high-performance communication environments and even details like your ability to connect and coordinate sounds and concepts effectively.

But it doesn’t stop there, because I’ve prepared a bonus resource for you with strategies to help you if you’re struggling with word-finding difficulties and overusing words like: um, err, yeah and like.

Make sure you pick up your free workbook on this page “How to Reduce your Fillers”.

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And I can say, if you feel that your speech rate is not balanced and consistent, and you notice you speak too fast or too slow or have many gaps, hesitations and pauses as well as mumbling, chances are your follow up pronunciation clarification sessions will need linking and flow goals so that you can transfer your message with more precision and punch. 

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P.S.I encourage you to add something in the comments below. I’ve opened comments, because I think our little space on the internet is starting to feel more like a community, so it would delight me to see you engage in the conversation continuing below. 

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