Let’s Talk About Your Tongue Position for English

Probably 40% – 60% of the info we are going to give you in sessions will be about your tongue position for English to increase clear speech.

tongue position for English

Our team of speech pathologists work daily with clients from ALL language backgrounds and I’ve got to tell you probably 40% – 60% of the info we are going to give you in sessions will be about your tongue position for English.

tongue position for English

 Now, over to your tutorial,

I’m going to show you that tongue precision and agility matter heaps for English clarity and comfort when you are speaking.

We’ve got a lot to do to upskill you in the tongue position for English. 

Are you ready?

 Here’s what you’ll learn:

#1 Basic Tongue Geography

so that when you work on your English sounds, you can be more specific with tongue movements for English.

PTE Pronunciation

#2 6 Key Actions that Your Tongue Needs

we are going to talk about 6 key actions your tongue needs to master for English to give you more awareness about the tongue muscle’s behaviour.

PTE Pronunciation

#3 4 Tongue Skills that You Need

Finally, I’ll tell you about the 4 Tongue Skills you definitely need if you are thinking about working on your English pronunciation

So dive right into it and when you are done, let me know what you think!

Let’s talk about your Tongue Position for English

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Is it hard to position your tongue?

Some of the most challenging sounds of the English language come down to mastery of careful tongue movements.

Our team of speech pathologists can show you how to move your tongue to get more accuracy on sounds like “th”, “l,” “r,” “sh,” “ch” and even vowels.

When you are working on a sound for English it’s always good to run through these questions:

PTE Pronunciation

If you are worried about how to learn English speaking effectively, remember, sound is concrete and it all comes down to how you MOVE and SHAPE that beautiful mouth of yours.

This is why the best approach for pronunciation learning is through speech pathology. 

Speech pathologists are trained in how the muscles, nerves and structures of the mouth, face and voice work. 

We also know a lot about training you in the best practice methods.

Our advanced pronunciation clarity programs will really ground you in the key features of English pronunciation so that you can finally have more control over your clarity.

Got a friend or colleague who could really do with this tutorial to help their English speaking and pronunciation practice? 

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Because let’s never forget, we are in the communication game together.


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