How to Communicate Confidently in Public and At Work

Video Podcast with Alex Antonino, Typeform
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Last week I was super fortunate to have a great chat with Alex Antolino.

Alex is the Creative Director Typeform, one of my favourite interfaces that we’ve used at Voice Science™ since 2018 . Alex also a filmmaker, graphic designer and late-night D.J and as you’ll see a powerful and vibrant conversation partner.

You’re in for such a treat because we had an epic conversation about how to speak confidently in public and at work.

Alex is one of the most inspirational and artistic branding experts that you can find out there! 

And guess what?

He’s passionate about “creating honest brands that make people feel,” something that really resonates with me and my brand!


Watch the Intro to our Conversation here


So when Alex asked me to appear as a guest on the very first Typeform Video podcast to talk about how to communicate in public and at work with more confidence, I lept through the roof with excitement.

We had a great chat and uncovered lots of strategies together that you can apply from today.

What was so special about this interview was how conversational it became. While you can listen to lots of strategies from me in the interview, I encourage you to focus in on Alex’s communication. He brings such vivacity, authenticity and positivity to the camera so you can learn a lot from him too. 

So now it’s time to share the strategies with you!

To watch our conversation, scroll down the page where I’ve embedded the full interview for you. I hope you find it rewarding and powerful.

Alex and I had a great time collaborating to make this strategic video podcast scroll down to watch the full interview.

Thanks so much for watching and see you soon at Voice Science.

As I always say, communication is like string theory, it’s the foundation of everything, so if you’re not sure which direction your communication needs to head in to improve, it’s really worthwhile getting a proper science-based assessment by our team to really understand your needs and to identify powerful and relevant goals.

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Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and don’t forget to freely express yourself.

Thanks so much for watching and see you soon at Voice Science!


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How to speak confidently in public and at work

Video Podcast with Alex Antolino, Creative Director at Typeform

This video podcast was shot live between VideoAsk in Barcelona & Voice Science™ in Melbourne.

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