How To Pronounce The Months of The Year

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Video Tutorial: How To Pronounce The Months of the Year in Clear English

Did you ever wonder if you are saying the months of the year correctly? Well this tutorial will take you closer to working through how to pronounce the months of the year with a clear and Mainstream English accent.

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Here is what you are going to learn:

⎼ How to pronounce the months of the year with a clear Mainstream English accent


⎼ Where to place the stress and emphasis when you pronounce each month

⎼ A quick foolproof method to increase your speaking practice so that you can start correcting any mistakes you notice you are making on these words


But first, before we get started, make sure you pick up your copy of the High Voltage Speaking Drill Framework from our Tutorial How to Practice Your English Speaking at Home. We will be using it together. If you are not familiar with this resource, I’ve linked the video tutorial where I show you how to use it.

So pick that up right away if you don’t already have it and let’s get started.

HOW TO Pronounce the months of the year in clear english

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Both video & transcript will be published at 8pm AEST on the 10th of May, so if you get to this page earlier than then, don’t forget to turn on the YouTube Premiere reminder button.


If you have questions, don’t be shy.

Well that was fun wasn’t it! 

I hope that this tutorial gets you on task and that you had fun and feel even more inspired to do some work for your speaking . If you found it valuable please don’t forget to give it a like & subscribe to our channel. You can also get extra tips for your communication over on our FB youtube channel and instagram. 

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P.S.I encourage you to add something in the comments below. I’ve opened comments, because I think our little space on the internet is starting to feel more like a community, so it would delight me to see you engage in the conversation continuing below. 

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