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Strike a Pose & Smile Big!

Well, that was surprisingly easy to do!

As 2020 draws to a close, I can’t help but smile. It has been a good year. Although this was a challenging year, to say the least, I felt it was important to get together as a team and do some new photos for our website. And we had so much fun.

This is a team of superheroes!⁠

Positive, fun & clever- REPRESENT.⁠

2020 threw more goodness than curveballs at Voice Science (August & September took a hike into the back of my memory TG) and here we are shiny, excited & confident more than ever. ⁠

Somehow, 2020 was our baptism of fire 🔥.

We’ve thrived for 7 years but this was the year to ensure that rapport and team spirit flourished more than ever.⁠

And gosh, that it has!


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To You, our clients

⁠Thank you for choosing Voice Science this year, either as a client or a subscriber. We hope that our smiling faces transmit to you what a difference you made to our work! You gave us purpose, and as we reflect back on this year, it all worked out so beautifully for our team. Thank you.⁠

If you’ve ever been curious about how well our team get along and what it’s like working together at Voice Science, you’ll enjoy this vlog which gives you a unique chance to see behind the scenes at Voice Science. ⁠

2020 has been a year of lots of challenges but in true Voice Science form, we will end the year with smiles and elegance! ⁠

This vlog delivers on smiles, team spirit, positivity and we even managed to throw in a mini Aussie Slang pronunciation tutorial. ⁠I hope you love it!

All my love,

Melbourne speech pathologists

December 2020.

vlog: ciao 2020

Behind the Scenes at Voice Science

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A Note of Thanks to Our Team

I want to take a moment to write a public note of thanks to my team members…


Your clients needed you this year and your steadfastness around their goals moved mountains.

Thank you for your impeccable positivity and support for me. I’m tearing up to think about this past year, you’ve blown me away with your loyalty and encouragement. I’ll never forget it.

We rode the storm together and came out at the end. It was kind of like getting dunked at the beach. I was wondering today how we even did it without drowning, but now I know it came from character strength and your dedication to teamwork. You went in the deep end and trusted my decisions which I firmly believe guaranteed our business survival this year.

Whenever we chat, on any topic, I always feel like we need to block of 5 hours! You have so many wonderful ideas and you’re an absolute delight to eat pasta with. If there’s anyone who needs to have a holiday now, it’s you. You enjoy that break and please don’t log in to your emails or feel any responsibility until you’re back on January 14.



You were worth the wait! GOSH!

I am so glad you sent your CV to me from Sydney in the middle of Melbourne lockdown. It was meant to be.

You’ve found your seat in the hearts of your clients and already (after only one month on the team), I’m getting amazing comments about your vivacity and ability to set your clients at ease and deliver amazing strategies. Your kind and special gestures have not gone unspotted and I love that while we have lots of speech pathology topics to talk about we can also go a lot deeper and rant and rave together about food. And coffee. And crack effortless jokes.


I’ve never shared an office with anyone, other than my clients.

But this year, you joined our team! And we got to hang out making awesome content for our clients together while wearing masks for 7+ hours. And it wasn’t annoying. In fact, it was so much fun, I wish I’d had an office buddy ages ago.

You’ve learnt lots of things but there’s one thing I’ll never need to teach you at Voice Science & that is empathy and insight into the values to advocate for. You sit so closely to our brand vision and I feel like you’re a mind reader when we sit together to brainstorm the content pillars to make for our clients and audience.