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English Pronunciation Programs - Diagnostic Assessment of Accent

Individually tailored diagnostic accent assessment that examines your current accent taking into current communication needs, workplace setting, career aspirations and areas of concern. We then will provide you, in sessions, with information in how to produce the sounds of your selected accent target. We offer English Pronunciation training for the sound profiles of : Standard Australian, New Zealand Accent, Received Pronunciation (Standard British), General American and other dialects where requested.

English Pronunciation Programs - Accent Reduction Programs for Professionals

This treatment is suited to corporate personnel and executives. We provide training to international agencies, the luxury hotel sector, airline industries and key stakeholders in business and finance sectors. Particular emphasis is placed on employee role specific skills and may emphasise telephone skills, clarity in group meetings, interviewing approaches and executive industry specific interaction.

English Pronunciation Programs - Accent Reduction Programs for Medical Professionals

Treatment that addresses the needs of specific medical disciplines. Training for General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Allied Health Staff.

Voice Services - Diagnostic Assessment of Voice

Diagnostic assessment of current voice production and voice requirements. This diagnosis is clinical and rigorous. Assessment involves acoustic, perceptual and subjective assessment of the current voice behaviours and communication style. A report will be provided that details the main aspects that are impacting on the voice as well as giving recommendations. Treatment that then follows is individual and tailored to each client’s needs.

Voice Services - Voice Therapy

Voice optimisation treatment for all professional voice users: lawyers, teachers, politicians, lecturers, broadcasters, reporters and performers. This training involves management of the vocal demands of the specific career. Evidence based practice is applied to voice rehabilitation and optimisation on a case by case basis. Clients will be introduced to voice therapy that evidence based in order to improve voice quality, acoustic output, prevent vocal fatigue and optimise the health and flexibility of the voice.

Stuttering Therapy in Melbourne for Adults

Voice Science provides stuttering therapy in Melbourne for adults. We also have an online therapy service for clients located interstate and abroad. 

We are equipped to provide management of the demands of a speech fluency disorder. 

Clients will be introduced to stuttering therapy that is evidence based in order to improve communication, optimise social participation and enhance speech fluency. 

Our clinicians use Smooth Speech Therapy techniques to assist you to reduce the percentage of syllables stuttered.  Central to the therapy process at Voice Science is a strong connection between practice in clinic sessions and the home setting. All clients will be provided with strategies and resources to create a link between progressing goals in the clinic and maintaining goals at home through daily activities. We also provide support for you to trouble shoot approaches to integrate your smooth speech techniques into the demands of daily life using latest research into stuttering therapy outcomes.

PTE Academic Training

Voice Science’s PTE Speaking courses provide clients with a scientifically based method to approach the PTE Exam. We train you using the science of speech pronunciation, Speech Pathology, and all our clinicians are qualified speech pathologists. Our clinical expertise provide more insight into aspects of acoustics, voice production, speech rate, breathing and sound pronunciation, rhythm and tone beyond what typical ESL teachers can offer you.

This treatment is suited to clients who are struggling to obtain their required scores for Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation in the PTE Academic Exam. We provide training to international students, corporate executives and medical health professionals who need to undertake formal English proficiency exams. If you sign to this program particular emphasis is placed on PTE Exam specific  skills for spoken communication however content will also be delivered that assists your professional and occupational communication needs where possible as well as meeting exam requirements.

Each program must follow a tailored assessment of the command of spoken English which will take into PTE Academic Exam  requirements around Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation. A diagnostic report will be provided for all clients that details the main aspects that are possibly impacting on current exam scores.

Lisp Treatment

Voice and Dialect coaching for Stage, Film and Audio

Dialect and voice consultation services to actors and performers. Voice Science will equip you with a convincing accent for any character or audition. Custom the accent or accents you require. We are proficient in RP and General American but also offer a vast palette of accents. Name the accent and we will render it!

Individual Treatment Sessions

Book individual voice therapy, accent reduction, Pte Speaking training or stuttering therapy sessions here. Please note that all individually booked sessions must follow an initial diagnostic assessment for voice, stuttering or accent.