About Stuttering Treatment

What Fluency Disorders do we manage at Voice Science™?

We deliver therapy to clients experiencing fluency disorders such as stuttering and cluttering. At Voice Science we assist in the management of speech fluency for adults of all ages.  

Why choose Voice Science™ for your stuttering and fluency management?

Voice Science™ provides clinical support to clients with fluency disorders. We offer discrete communication care. Our clinic is accessible and located in Collins St, Melbourne as well as to online clients.

Our online clinic allows us to provide stuttering treatment to regional, interstate and international clients. 

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Diagnostic Stuttering Assessment in Melbourne

About Fluency and Stuttering Treatment

One of our core interests at Voice Science™ is to deliver accessible and evidence based fluency treatment to adults who stutter. We provide a supportive and detailed model for treatment that is focused on ensuring tangible communication improvement.

Speech pathologists study, diagnose and treat stuttering and cluttering, using a scientific approach. Since our core interest is to deliver evidence based practice, we use prolonged / smooth speech techniques for adult stuttering therapy since research validates this as the most effective method. 

How do speech pathologists work with clients who stutter to optimise speech fluency?

According to Speech Pathology Australia, the official registration organisation for Speech Pathologists in Australia Speech Pathologists are “the only professionals trained to assess, treat and manage stuttering. 

Read more about how speech pathologists deliver stuttering therapy  on this Speech Pathology Australia Fact Sheet About Stuttering

At Voice Science™ we take data is to determine a clinical impression of how severe the stutter is. We examine the stuttering behaviours alongside the communication  impact stuttering is having on you. Your clinician will undertake extensive outcome measures to ensure that your stuttering treatment is customised to you. This will ensure that treatment goals align with your needs. 

Your speech pathologist will record and code the type and nature of speech dysfluencies observed in your spontaneous speech. Measurements of other speech aspects will occur including speech rate, voice quality and physical movements during speech. Following this assessment a training program will be recommended to instate increased speech fluency. 

In adults a complete removal of stuttering is unlikely. This is because research indicates that if a stuttering persists after school entry it is likely to remain throughout adult life.

*Speech Pathology Australia – Fact Sheet- Stuttering

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Stuttering sucks, but good stuttering therapy is an asset. We hate stuttering as much as you and wish research could uncover the magic potion to stop it completely. Until a cure is found for adults who stutter, we stay on top of the latest research in how to reduce stuttering effectively. We use best practice to help you strategise, alleviate stutters and manage your speech fluency better day by day.

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