Speech Therapy for Adults with Hearing Loss- Assessment


As speech pathologists, we are qualified to deliver intervention and therapy for the improvement of speech pronunciation, social communication and strategies to increase intelligibility for adults with hearing loss. We assist adults with hearing loss to improve their communication success and participation.

Are you struggling to create pronunciation sounds clearly? Do you want to improve on the oral language skills you learned as a kid and feel like you can produce clearer speech in spite of hearing loss? Have you upgraded your hearing aids and heard that your sounds could be clearer?

This speech therapy assessment is the first step to addressing such concerns. Our speech pathologists will investigate your speech pronunciation, voice and social communication. Then we will create practical speech therapy targets alongside you to proactively address your communication precision, speech accuracy and vocal function and health for daily life in spite of hearing impairment. Our speech pathologists can also help you with social skills and tips to help with your social life, family life or even during every day activities in public.

This assessment session is suited to clients with hearing loss managed by hearing aids or cochlear implants. 

All sessions are delivered face to face in our Collins St clinic. You are welcome to bring an Auslan interpreter to initial assessment session and sessions thereafter. This is optional however. 


Voice Science™ delivers speech therapy for adults with hearing loss in Melbourne direct from our Collins St clinic.

Our speech therapy sessions are designed for adults with hearing loss who want to improve their speech pronunciation. We work with adults with hearing aids and cochlear implants who wish to speak clearer.

This session is the perfect fit for you if you are worried about:

  • Your pronunciation of consonants and vowels
  • Speech clarity and intelligibility
  • Use of speech intonation, expression and melody 
  • Use of verbal and non verbal strategies
  • Capacity to produce your sound presence: loud versus soft voice volume, high pitch versus low pitch
  • Voice production and function
  • Voice projection concerns
  • Vocal resonance/ acoustic 
  • Phrase and Sentence level intelligibility
  • Strategies to increase communication participation in spite of hearing loss
  • Social communication concerns around networking, making small talk, getting the conversation going, joining groups, self-advocacy
  • Pragmatic gestures around persuasiveness, diplomacy and assertiveness when communicating.

This session is the chance for you to share your global communication concerns with the speech pathologist. You will receive a comprehensive report from this assessment session. This report will identify ways in which your speech and voice can improve. We will assist you to increase your communication access and success.

Sessions that follow this initial consult may include strategies for:

  • Sound pronunciation training using speech therapy
  • Voice therapy top optimise vocal production, voice quality and acoustic features
  • Detailed instruction on how to shape specific pronunciation sounds with the mouth with drill that builds up from sound level, word level, through to spontaneous conversational realisation
  • verbal and non verbal strategies
  • Speech intonation therapy to increase pitch and volume flexibility to help you match your voice expression to your content

Delivery: Voice Science™ Melbourne. This service is only available in clinic.

45 minute session. Includes a consultation report.

Rebates may be available for these sessions.

We welcome referrals from allied health service providers and general practitioners for speech pathology treatment adults with autism or social communication concern. Click here to read more about referrals.

This assessment session is also suitable for clients who are self-managed under NDIS. for allied health therapy services for hearing loss.


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