How To Stop Interrupting People

Episode 2

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How to Stop Interrupting People

How many times did you get interrupted mid sentence this week?

One of my elocution strategy clients hit me with this question the other day…

“How can I stop interrupting people… I keep doing it all the time!”

So I now have a very important question for you.

How many times did you interrupt people knowingly this week?

You might have noticed a rapid influx of interruptions at work these days, especially with the saturation of online meetings while working at home. 

We are practically swimming laps on Zoom and it is really easy to forget to give team mates a chance to speak. 

Bottom line… How can we stop interrupting people?

This was the driving motivator behind preparing this week’s The Little Shot episode for you.

This mini shot will give you a strong kick in the pants and remind you of 4 types of interruptions (the worst types by far).

Not only will your work meetings run more seamlessly if you put a sock in it, but you will also build better rapport with your colleagues, family and friends. 

So let’s start today.

Because that lets you both win at communication.

Let me know how you go in the comments below.

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How to stop interrupting people

Episode 2

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