5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in your Voice Tone

Episode 17
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5 Reasons why you should invest in your voice tone

 You can’t hide your voice tone.

The voice either works effectively or it doesn’t!

So spending time developing your speaking tone, rate and projection is advisable.

Some of the research I’m going to share with you may feel a bit controversial and we do need to weigh up each study well because they each have some biases and generalisations.

That being said, there’s a lot of science to show you that investing in your voice tone pays off.

In today’s episode of The Little Shot™ you’re going to learn even more reasons behind why investing in your voice tone will pay off!

I’ve read some fascinating research lately. Some of it might shock you, but all of it’s been interesting and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The Little Shot is here to build your communication in lots of little shots until you become a Big Shot communicator (in the nicest possible way). Ready for some expressive fuel?


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Why you Should Invest in your Voice Tone

Episode 17

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I can still recall the exhilaration of attending my first singing lesson.

After scoring solo soprano parts in my school choir for several years, I finally turned 16 and was ready!

My mum had done her research and been told by an ENT and local opera singer that waiting until 16 years for classical singing lessons was best.

I arrived for my lesson and in my mind, I knew there’d be many more lessons to follow.

I’m still taking lessons some 20 years later!

My voice is fully developed and I’ve trained on 3 continents as a professional operatic soprano but do I still invest in my voice?

Of course!

Investing in your voice always pays off.

And what about if you’re not a professional performer?

Well, I’d argue, if you want to progress well in whatever job you do, your voice needs to perform. We have a growing body of research into the importance of getting a good sound out to be taken seriously, have the impact you need, build trust and even credibility.

If you’re struggling to create consistent and powerful voice tone you should enrol in the High-Performance Communication Audit.

This service will assess all aspects of your communication under pressure. We’ll investigate your voice tone, word choice, nonverbal communication and even speech pace and logical flow and what’s more, this is all done in a virtual video format. Make sure you check it out via the link below. 

Thank you so much for watching. I hope this Little Shot episode has inspired you and given you something novel to think about. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up and why not share it with your work bestie or boss?

Ciao for now!



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