How to Say Thank You Scientifically

Episode 14
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How to say thank you better & more

In today’s episode of The Little Shot™ you’re going to learn one of my favourite strategies to express gratitude so that you can make other people feel even more special and less taken for granted.


When you want to show your appreciation it’s important to remember that gratitude is not all about you!


And if someone blew you away and did the most amazing thing for you, you’d really want to get your messaging right when thanking them, wouldn’t you?


In less than 5 – minutes you’ll learn a science-based strategy to saying thanks that delivers more support and connection with the other person.

The Little Shot is here to build your communication in lots of little shots until you become a Big Shot communicator (in the nicest possible way). Ready for some expressive fuel?


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How to Say Thank you Scientifically

Episode 14

This little shot is scheduled for 10 am on Tuesday the 11th of August. If you arrive here earlier, don’t forget to turn on notifications via the YouTube premiere button so you can be first to know once the mini-tutorial pushes live.

Before you go to say thanks next, run a quick check and make sure that when you express your gratitude you’re not talking so much about how their help made you feel. Focus instead on acknowledging the actions of your life-saver! 


Instead of:


“Thanks for your help, I feel so much better now. I was so stressed.”




“Thanks so much for going out of your way. You’re so good at coming up with clear strategies to support us when big problems hit. I really appreciate you for that.”


Can you see how this approach builds the other person up?

That’s so much better. 


Do you notice on how it gives emotional reward for the other person, rather than zooming in on your self-benefits?


Saying thanks shouldn’t be about you, instead, let it showcase the other person.

Make it about them.


I hope this tip helps you to extend your words of thanks and gratitude more adeptly and more often.

Your message matters because it impacts everyone around you and if you add increased gratitude to the mix, you’ll definitely build more meaningful relationships.


Stay safe and well until, next time,



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Algoe, S., Kurtz, L. & Hilaire, N. (2016). Putting the “You” in “Thank You”: Examining Other-Praising Behavior as the Active Relational Ingredient in Expressed Gratitude. Social Psychological and Personality Science. 7. 10.1177/1948550616651681.

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