How to Ask for a Payrise before you start a Job

Episode 27
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When an employer makes you a job offer you might feel the deal is sealed but is there a chance to negotiate your starting salary?

How can you ask for a paraise before you’ve even started the job?

Negotiation is always risky, and before the contract is signed the way you negotiate could actually lose you the role if you get it wrong.


The Salary Negotiation Primer Course

salary negotiation primer

In today’s episode of The Little Shot™, we’re talking salary negotiation so that you can make sure you’re prepped to negotiate your next starting salary.

Negotiating your salary effectively counts on your ability to your

  • analytic thinking,
  • clear communication,
  • context-specific knowledge

and ultimately emotional intelligence.

We are launching a new resource to assist you in this process called the Voice Science – the Salary Negotiation Primer.

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How To Ask for a PAyrise Before you Sign a job contract!

Episode 27

This little shot is scheduled for 10 am on Tuesday the 24th of November, 2020. If you arrive here earlier, don’t forget to turn on notifications via the YouTube premiere button so you can be first to know once the mini-tutorial pushes live.

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Have you ever negotiated on a starting salary in the past? How did it go for you? Did you use a distributive or integrative approach?

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Ciao for now!



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