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Vocal Health Workshops for Teachers

Ready to use your voice to your advantage in the classroom?
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Voice Workshops for Teachers

Build Vocal Resilience in the Classroom
Our Voice Workshops for Teachers will provide you with hands on information and exercises that you can add to your daily working life to optimise your vocal health.

As speech pathologists, we are one of the few medically based professions that can provide evidence based information to do with your vocal health and communication. We are an enthusiastic team of voice clinicians.

You will receive resources and materials to strengthen your voice goals and reduce the risk of vocal injury while teaching. Ready to learn new and actionable strategies to protect your voice at work?

Our voice workshops for teachers are designed specifically for staff in the educational setting. We have tailored our information and strategies to address your daily voice demands in teaching life. We can assist educators in Childcare Centres, Prep to K12, TAFE and University settings.


Maintain Your Voice Health for the Classroom

All participants will leave the workshop with a solid understanding of the voice and how to build vocal resilience.

You will learn

  • Vocal health (hygiene) tips for the classroom and school environment to protect your voice
  • Warning signs of vocal misuse and harm
  • Daily voice warm up exercises to protect your voice
  • Methods to reduce the risk of vocal strain and damage
  • How the voice works and essential factors to produce optimal voice when teaching
  • Internal and external factors that can affect your voice
  • How to use your voice healthily to command attention in a room (of students or even colleagues)
  • How to adjust your volume, pitch, tone and pace to provide range and scope to your voice use.
  • Amplification strategies for open plan classrooms, footy fields, noisy spaces.

About our Voice Workshops for Teachers

There are 2 options for Voice Workshops:

1) Voice Workshops At Your School: Book us to come to your school and train your staff on site.

2) Voice Workshops at Voice Science: Attend a group workshop in the School Term break at Voice Science in Collins Street.

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Option 1

Our Next Workshop is Now Selling

Voice Workshops at Voice Science™

We provide sessions for large groups during term holidays in our clinic conveniently located in the centre of the city on Collins Street.

Our Next Workshop will be held on the 31st of March.

Tickets are selling fast for our next Vocal Health Workshop for Teachers.

We like to keep our workshops approachable and engaging, therefore seats are limited in total attendees. 

Because of the interactive and hands on nature of our workshops, seats are strictly limited to 12 participants. 

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Why Choose our Team for your Voice?

Voice Science™- Advocating for Voice Impact since 2013

Optimal vocal health is both a science and an art. Our team of speech pathologists with expertise in voice care are here to show you that!

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech & Language Pathologist & Director, Opera Singer

Sarah is a qualified speech pathologist and professional operatic soprano. She holds a Bachelor of Literature, Bachelor of Music Performance, Master of Speech Pathology and Master of Opera Performance.She maintains active insight into voice care by staying up to date with latest research evidence on voice treatment. Sarah is also experienced in remediating voice for singers and performers applying a practical vocal performance knowledge alongside a creative, science based approach to voice care, particularly for voice users in the entertainment industry.

Read more about Sarah here.

Brooke Perrin

Speech & Language Pathologist

Brooke is a qualified speech pathologist. She holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Speech Pathology.

Brooke first launched into voice therapy for transgender clients before expanding her skill set in paediatric voice therapy as well as voice therapy for adults.

Read more about Brooke here.

Emily Jackson

Speech & Language Pathologist

Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Speech Pathology.

Emily started life with a love for voice and performance. She is a real thespian speech pathologist- actress, musical theatre performer, dancer and singing teacher. With her acting and music theatre background, she’s a super keen voice clinician.

Read more about Emily here.


Option 2

Book us for a Voice Workshop at Your School

We will come to your school & train your staff in an entertaining & effective Voice Workshop

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us for a brief strategy call with Sarah, our Chief Speech Pathologist, who will discuss with you your questions and potential options.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Schedule a call with Sarah now to book your school in for 2020:


Is your voice gone by the end of term?

How is your Voice Going?

Do you need your voice to last all… day… long?

How about having to project your voice multiple times a day?

Or maybe, by the time 3pm comes around you find your voice is a bit scratchy?

As a teacher, you’re in a profession where you use your voice all day everyday – you are a professional voice user. Welcome to the club!

However, with that prestigious new title comes a whole lot of responsibility.

Your vocal health and production is a workplace issue that needs to be taken care of. Did you know, teachers are one of the highest professions to have damage occur to their vocal folds? This can lead to a hoarse voice, inability to project your voice, or even complete vocal loss! At any given time, as many as 11% of teachers may in fact have a voice disorder (Roy, Merrill, Thibeautl, Gray & Smith, 2004).  

But, we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Our Voice Science Voice Workshops for Teachers and Schools will highlight all you need to know about your voice muscle and how to care for and use it effectively so that you’re able to talk longer, louder and have more impact when teaching your class. 

Our team members are voice clinicians with special interest in voice treatment and assessment.

Are open plan classrooms exhausting your voice?

Is it hard to maintain your voice tone when teaching?

Does your voice crack or cut out in the middle of speaking?

Communication Strategies. Voice Science TV.

Put a Face to Voice Science

Every week we push new content over on our YouTube channel. Our video tutorials are designed to give you actionable strategies to improve your: Speaking, Vocabulary, Voice Tone, Pronunciation, Accent, Fluency, Social Communication, Language for Leadership & Workplace Communication.


Are you struggling to manage sick leave balances due to poor voice health?

Is your voice in tatters by the end of the day?

Case Study : Voice Therapy for a teacher with Nodules

The following case study outlines how Voice Science™ achieved leading care and service in providing voice therapy for a teacher with early stage bilateral vocal nodules.

A 24 year old female teaching professional was experiencing ongoing voice loss and difficulties. She first noticed a voice problem after entering the teaching profession full-time earlier in the year and described her voice as “very rough and scratchy, even after I clear my throat.” The teacher felt “incredibly frustrated in the classroom because my voice does not project over the background noise.” She also reported changes in her singing voice- “I don’t know why, but I can’t sing as high anymore when leading the praise and worship at my local church on weekends.”  Read more…

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