8 Voice Projection Tips & the Lombard Effect

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Voice Projection in Noise Pollution is risky

Life is noisy and voice projection tips definitely come in handy. 

As an Opera singer and voice therapist, it goes without saying that protecting my voice is paramount!

But although in focusing on my own voice care, I’m also super alert to how many risks there are out there that can trip up YOUR voice.

So I thought it’s time to spill the beans! I made this video because I thought it’s definitely time to share my top 8 tips for protecting your voice when speaking with unbearable background noise.

First I’ll explain the Lombard effect and why it can cause vocal damage.

Then we’ll talk a bit about noise pollution and its impact on your voice before getting straight into some ideas you can instantly implement to help your voice out when you need to speak over background noise.

voice projection

I can’t promise these strategies will voice projection capacity- that will need customised tips and training from a qualified speech therapist, but these 8 tips will help you better protect your voice when exposed to noise pollution. 

8 Voice Projection Tips & the Lombard Effect

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What next?

Voice projection is a high-level skill that doesn’t come naturally for everyone. 

If you’ve been desperate to get more carrying power with your voice so that you can reach the back of the room, all is not lost!

You simply need to learn some key muscle movements to boost your voice muscles stamina, flexibility and coordination to get more bang for buck. 

Our team of voice obsessed speech therapists can definitely help you become a vocal powerhouse. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my global clients thrive from science-based strategies customised to create effect voice projection, clear speaking and great tone that people want to listen to. 

It all starts with the Voice Tone Test by Voice Science™.

So if you want to get on top of your voice projection once and for all, scroll down the page to learn more.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial!

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