Small Business Marketing Strategies

Episode 29
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Running a small business is not for the faint-hearted, especially now, which is why I thought it’s time to share some tactical strategies so that you can better protect your business and even flourish, in the year ahead.

Did you know that 93% of people’s online experience of your business begins with a search engine (imFORZA)?

This year is the best time to map out how you can build your communication strategy to benefit your small business marketing.

Ask yourself the following questions once you’ve completed the tutorial below:

  • How does your customer discover you and build a connection with you?
  • Does your website sell or serve?
  • How can you create more human connection with your speaking, voice tone, writing, brand tone and content?

Communications & Small Business Marketing Strategy

Episode 29

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This little shot is scheduled for 10 am on Tuesday the 2nd of February, 2021. If you arrive here earlier, don’t forget to turn on notifications via the YouTube premiere button so you can be first to know once the mini-tutorial pushes live.

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I hope you enjoyed this Little Shot and that it has given you some expressive fuel to think deeper about your communication strategy for your small business marketing. 

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Ciao for now!


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