Voice Therapy for Adults

Voice Science offers voice therapy for adults in Melbourne face to face and globally via our online clinic. We are also equipped to assist all professional voice users: lawyers, teachers, sales directors, politicians, lecturers, broadcasters, reporters and performers. Session goals can focus on your specific career needs and work in order to strategise and optimise vocal technique.

Clients will be introduced to voice therapy that is evidence based.

This will improve voice quality, voice projection, prevent vocal fatigue and increase the health and flexibility of your voice.

Each treatment session must follow an initial voice assessment.


This diagnosis is clinical and rigorous. Assessment involves acoustic, perceptual and subjective assessment of the current voice and communication style. A report will be provided that details the main aspects that are impacting on the voice as well as giving recommendations. Voice therapy that then follows is individual and tailored to each client.


Individual Voice Therapy Sessions

Clients are welcome to book individual treatment sessions following their initial diagnostic voice assessment. These sessions will be customised to your vocal health needs.

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Speech Pathology for Adults in Melbourne

Voice Therapy Program

The following package is available to individuals and companies in house, online or at our Melbourne Collins St clinic. All programs involve careful consideration of your current voice and communication needs, workplace setting, career aspirations and areas of concern.

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Voice Therapy in Melbourne

This program includes:

  • 5 x 45 minute voice therapy sessions in our Melbourne clinic or online
  • Post treatment report on request, billed separately
  • 4 months access to the exclusive Voice Science learning management system with your own personalised program and resources at no additional fee

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Contact Sarah, chief speech pathologist at VOICE SCIENCE for further information.

Read more about how Voice Science assists practically by checking out this case study on remediating vocal nodules in a teacher through strategic voice therapy.

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