1 Top Tip for Female Leaders

Episode 4

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1 Top tip for female leaders

Working out how to talk the talk & walk the walk as a female leader can be tricky but thankfully there is some good research coming out on this. Today in our 4th episode of The Little Shot, I am sharing a huge tip about Empowered Mimicry, choosing your female leader role models and what type of posture insures success for communication when leading.


To read more on the study mentioned in this tutorial, check Latu, I.M., Mast, M.S., Bombari, D. et al. Sex Roles (2018).


Speech pathologists are trained in analysis of both verbal & non verbal communication. If you need some tips for non verbal interaction or verbal as a female this is one area we strategise in during elocution sessions.

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1 Top tip for female leaders

Episode 4

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