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What Voice Treatment do we Manage at Voice Science™?

We provide voice treatment, remediation and management to the clients experiencing the following voice problems:


Why Choose Voice Science™ for your Voice Care?

Voice Science™ is managed by Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez who is both a certified practicing speech pathologist, experienced voice clinician and a professional operatic soprano who performs regularly in Melbourne. Sarah actively maintains her insight into voice care by staying up to date with latest research evidence on voice treatment. She is also experienced in remediating voice for singers and performers. 

Our team members are voice clinicians with special interest in voice treatment and assessment. Our director has advanced vocal expertise as a professional operatic soprano. With her practical vocal performance knowledge and speech pathology skills, she adds a creative and science based approach to voice care, particularly for voice users in the entertainment industry.


*Speech Pathology Australia Scope of Practice

About Voice Treatment

One of our core interests at Voice Science™ is to deliver voice treatment that is individualised and evidence based. We provide an unparalleled model for treatment to ensure that real life communication gains are made. Voice Science is known for offering precise and creative client care. We consult to individuals, corporate stakeholders, the medical sector and the arts and entertainment industry. 

Speech pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with voice. They also provide services to modify or enhance communication performance (e.g. preventative voice care)*

How do Speech Pathologists work with clients to rehabilitate or optimise Voice Production?

According to Speech Pathology Australia, the official registration organisation for Speech Pathologists in Australia, Speech Pathologists often assist in the remediation and prevention of voice disorders among all ages. 

Your speech pathologist approaches voice care from an evidence-based practice model. This means that in determining your treatment plan they will take time to consider the scientific evidence and ensure the most effective treatment method. Speech Pathologists are trained to diagnose and treat voice disorders. In doing so, they apply their advanced knowledge of upper body anatomy to benefit your vocal production.  

Read more about how speech pathologists work with Voice Problems on this Speech Pathology Australia Fact Sheet about Voice

At Voice Science™ acoustic data is taken to determine a clinical impression of the vibratory behaviour of your vocal folds. Your clinician will also undertake extensive behavioural, perceptual and qualitative outcome measures to ensure that a thorough diagnosis is formed. If necessary, a referral will be made to an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon to obtain any additional information that might be underlying your voice problem. 

We offer discrete voice care and rehabilitation to professional voice users and liaise closely with singing teachers, acting coaches and employers to ensure holistic care, at your request. 

Voice Science also offers an after hours on call service for vocal performers.

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