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Speech Pathology For Aged Care In Melbourne

Empathetic, Strategic & Inspiring Speech Pathology for Your Aged Care Facility
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Advocating for Communication Impact in Aged Care

Affirming Speech Pathology for Aged Care Residents

Voice Science™ provides speech pathology for aged care throughout Melbourne. Our team are passionate speech pathologists with a special interest in communication strategies and dysphagia solutions for residents in aged care.

We are creative and offer new and refreshing strategies to boost the communication comfort and success of your residents.

We follow the research evidence scrupulously on best practise to ensure your residents with swallowing, communication or voice conditions have access to stellar and affirming speech pathology care.

Communication participation & mealtime engagement bring aged care facilities to life. 

Creative, Evidence Based Communication, Voice & Swallowing Care for Your Residents

Our Team

Learn More About our Speech Pathology for Aged Care Services

Our team of speech pathologists provide a full range of services for your residents.

Communication Assessment & Therapy 

  • Language & speech assessments
  • Communication intervention for residents affected with conditions such as stroke, dementia and cognitive decline
  • Diagnostic Aphasia Assessment and management
  • Social conversation groups to increase communication participation and interaction in your facility
  • Clear and inspiring therapy resources and supports for your team to assist your resident in their communication progress between therapist visits
  • Person centred interventions for dementia

Voice Assessment & Therapy

  • Diagnostic voice assessment
  • Dysathria assessments & therapy
  • Chronic Cough assessment and therapy
  • Voice projection training and Voice Therapy for Parkinson’s disease
  • Voice Therapy for age related voice degeneration (presbyphonia)
  • Clear therapy resources and supports for your team to assist your resident in their voice progress between therapist visits

Swallowing Assessment & Strategies

  • Dysphagia assessment and management
  • Food texture and consistency recommendations for your resident
  • Mealtime swallow assessments with practical recommendations for adjustments to food and fluid consistencies
  • Clear resources and strategies for your kitchen staff around appropriate textures and consistencies

Strategies for Aged Care Residents from Linguistic & Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

A defining feature of our speech pathology for aged care services is our experience in working with linguistically and culturally diverse clients. We will always advocate for your multi-lingual residents and troubleshoot strategies to reduce any language barriers that may be arising in your facility. This is an area of our work that is deeply aligned to our values at Voice Science. 

Thorough Assessment

When we visit your resident for their first assessment session we will apply a thorough and diagnostic approach. If we notice other factors that need investigating within our scope, we will inform you. Since our team are all experienced voice clinicians we will screen all residents for voice changes and concerns. Our passion for communication also makes us happily screencommunication participation and function inclusive with a call out to do a swallow assessment. Speech Pathology needs in aged care can often be multi-faceted. You can trust that we will thoroughly diagnose across our scope so that every assessment shows a solid baseline for your resident across swallowing, voice, speech, language and communication. 

Speech Pathology in Aged Care can often feel rushed, especially with mobile services. Our team are well supported and not overloaded with a massive calendar of unmanageable appointments. This allows us the luxury of delivering your resident the detailed and affirming care that they are entitled to.

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Workshops & Strategy Sessions for Facility Staff

Our team are also available for consulting and workshops for your clinical staff, facility food service staff  and personal care assistants.

  • Empower your team to communicate even more effectively with residents, family members and other key stakeholders
  • Fun workshops in safe swallowing strategies, food consistencies & textures as well as approaches to make swallowing difficulties less difficult and invasive for your residents who are affected by dysphagia

We work closely with your facility staff in an affirming manner & collaborative manner. 

Our clinicians are registered with Medicare and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Mobile Speech Pathology for Aged Care in Melbourne

If you need speech pathology for aged care in Melbourne, get in touch today. In most cases, speech pathology services can be arranged for your residents within 24 hours. One of our clinicians will visit your facility to conduct the assessment or therapy service. We leave thorough notes and resources and are always happy to work collaboratively with your staff, external care providers and family members to ensure that your residents receive thorough and strategic care.

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