Online Services

Online Accent Modification, Voice and Stuttering Treatment

Voice Science provides online accent modification, voice and stuttering treatment services to clients who are not situated in Melbourne.

Accent Services

This is a wonderful chance for clients overseas to have access to a native speaking therapist to reduce their accented English. We treat from Melbourne to Bogota, Capetown, Saigon, London, New York, Tel Aviv… anywhere you are based. Online services can be tailored according to the accent you require for your region, career or academic purpose.

Accents serviced include:

  • General American English

  • Standard British English

  • Received Pronunciation

  • Standard Australian English

Online Voice Therapy

We also deliver voice assessment and treatment online for a range of conditions. Read more about our voice services  here.

You will be meeting with your Speech & Language Pathologist online. Our online clients enjoy all the aspects of our in house courses: personalised treatment sessions and treatment materials and resources.

Online Stuttering Treatment 

We also deliver stuttering treatment online. Read more about our fluency services here.


To contact Voice Science for online accent modification, stuttering therapy or voice therapy services, please complete the contact form below: