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So you’ve resolved to improve your communication skills as soon as possible, but how can you go about choosing the right communication consultant? 

Letting someone have an inside view of your communication fears or barriers is a very personal process. It can be hard to know where to start in choosing the best fit communication coach for your goals.

We’ve prepped this post to help you identify the right fit for your communication goals. 


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1. Be Mindful of who is qualified to train your communication

There’s a lot of people out there promising to help you with your personal growth. But if you want to get results for your communication, you’ll need to work with someone who has the right qualification. 

Check the qualifications of anyone offering to assist you before you choose. There is a lot of noise in the coaching space, and receiving strategies based on unqualified opinion is both risky and ineffective. 

Communication Science is an evidence-based discipline that has produced a large body of supported research into communication competence at work, leadership communication, voice tone for executive presence and more, such that opinion based consulting is unethical.

The stakes are high in representing your identity and values in the workplace; therefore, you shouldn’t throw your communication tool kit together without paying attention to best practice and evidence-based strategies. 

We recommend consulting with someone with professional expertise that includes communication theory, language, pragmatics and interpersonal communication like a speech pathologist or possibly even a psychologist.

2. Choose for Precise Expertise

When you choose your communication consultant or coach, do some detailed research about their areas of expertise. This will help you determine whether they have the skills to help you strategise against your communication barriers and concerns.

For example, if you need to improve your speaking voice quality and tone, make sure the consultant is a speech and language pathologist with expertise in voice to build your voice and apply medically healthy strategies to sustain a good sound for your whole career.

If you need to improve the logical flow of your speaking in workplace meetings so that you are clear and concise, make sure you choose a speech pathologist who consults with adults in the corporate sector extensively as they will have the expertise to guide you efficiently.

Do you lead a team?

Why not consider building up your employees’ communication skills and agility. You could do this by creating a framework with a consultant at Voice Science, booking a custom workshop or enrolling your team member’s in the High-Performance Communication Audit right away.

3. Check the communication consultant’s own communication output

Is the consultant producing content and material themselves? Do they have a vlog, a website, social media handle? Have a look at the style and type of communications they produce. This is an effective way for you to ensure that the consultant can deliver value and information skillfully. 

Check whether the consultant has both business and client experience. 

For example, if you want to build your team’s communication, make sure you hire a communication consultant who has extensive experience in team-based consulting and workshops, not just 1-1. 

Or, if you want to improve your communication skills for video, make sure you choose a consultant that has made lots of videos themselves. Experts that deliver incredible communication consulting are usually highly active communicating themselves! There should be a trail on the internet of the consultant’s own communication. We’ve left our strong mark for example in the news, local papers, via our YouTube channel and social media handles (@voicescience). There’s no way you can’t get evidence of how much communication content we are distributing public if you search for our company. This is a testament to our active performance both communicating and consulting around communication.

4. Prepare to Pay Premium Only if the Consultant’s Skills and Experience Line up

You can’t cut corners with your communication, and a cheap program is usually a sign of a consultant who lacks experience or qualification. It takes extensive post-graduate training, and professional expertise to build the skills needed to provide effective communication coaching and typically, the fee charged will align with the coaches’ reputation and skill level. Do due diligence in ensuring the consultant you choose can back up their price with the qualifications, reputation and experience to support it. 

5. Know Your Needs

If you’re looking for a communication strategy program that’s results-driven it’s important to find a consultant that starts with a detailed audit of your communication. Starting with a solid audit of the multiple factors that contribute to competent communication will mean that no stone is unturned in the formation of clear goals and practical strategies in sessions that follow. This is why at Voice Science we will audit all aspects of your communication in addition to obtaining extensive detail around the key communication contexts (your workplace, social environment, social hierarchies, career growth goals, bilingual experience) so that we can give measured and evidence-based recommendations that relate to your personal needs and career. 

If you are concerned about the communication barriers you’re facing but you can’t put a finger on exactly what needs to be addressed for improvement, our audit is designed to pinpoint the precise bottlenecks you’re facing. 

Our High-Performance Communication Audit will identify for you the core areas you can level up your communication so that you can interact with more confidence and comfort.