PTE Academic Training

Voice Science’s PTE Speaking courses provide clients with a scientifically based method to approach the PTE Exam. We train you using the science of speech pronunciation, Speech Pathology, and all our clinicians are qualified speech pathologists. Our clinical expertise provide more insight into aspects of acoustics, voice production, speech rate, breathing and sound pronunciation, rhythm and tone beyond what typical ESL teachers can offer you.

This treatment is suited to clients who are struggling to obtain their required scores for Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation in the PTE Academic Exam. We provide training to international students, corporate executives and medical health professionals who need to undertake formal English proficiency exams. If you sign to this program particular emphasis is placed on PTE Exam specific  skills for spoken communication however content will also be delivered that assists your professional and occupational communication needs where possible as well as meeting exam requirements.

Each program must follow a tailored assessment of the command of spoken English which will take into PTE Academic Exam  requirements around Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation. A diagnostic report will be provided for all clients that details the main aspects that are possibly impacting on current exam scores.

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