PTE Academic Training

PTE Academic Training- Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation

 Voice Science PTE Academic Speaking (Fluency & Pronunciation) Online Training Program

This package has been developed as an online training program to assist clients who need to fast track their required scores for Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation in the PTE Academic Exam. We provide training to individuals who need to undertake formal Computer Based English proficiency exams for visa, study or work registration requirements. 

If you sign to this program particular emphasis is placed on PTE Exam specific  skills for spoken communication however content will also be delivered that assists your professional and occupational communication needs where possible as well as meeting exam requirements.

This program is the culmination of our in house face to face methods that have been assisting clients achieve their target PTE Academic Speaking Goals. Please note that this training program requires internet access, an external microphone and speakers (to listen to video content, to record content and utilise acoustic applications). The content has not been designed to improve other subtests outside of PTE Speaking Components.

Each program includes 3 pre-training baseline recording submissions (Personal Introduction, Read Aloud, Describe Image) that you send to our consultants prior to undertaking the program. At the end of the program, you will submit another 3 recordings(Personal Introduction, Read Aloud, Describe Image) to our consultants for extensive feedback. This maximises our application of scientific principals, practice theory and the importance of individualised feedback.

PTE Speaking, Fluency and Pronunciation Training

You will receive the following upon purchasing this program:

  • 10 days access to the Voice Science Online Learning Management System Hub
  • 10 days access to the Voice Science PTE Academic Resources and Training Modules
  • Complimentary resources targeted to benefit your PTE Academic Preparation
  • Feedback for 3 submissions on completion of the training modules
  • Access to 60+ minutes of PTE Academic Speaking (Pronunciation & Fluency) Training following the Voice Science Method, delivered by our chief Speech Pathologist


PTE Academic Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation Training Packages- INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS, FACE TO FACE

Voice Science also offers tailored PTE Academic training to anyone who is needing to improve their scores in the PTE Academic within the areas of Speaking, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation that is delivered face to face online or at our clinic. If you opt for this training option, your speech pathologist will also ensure that attention is given to career specific communication as well as core aspects of the PTE Academic so that the skills you master in this program are relevant for your future communication needs.  This may include emphasising telephone skills, clarity in group meetings, interviewing approaches and industry specific interactions as well as strengthening your pronunciation, speaking and fluency skills for the exam itself.

Each program must follow a tailored assessment of the command of English which will take into account both exam and career requirements. A diagnostic report will be provided for all clients that details the main aspects that are impacting on your speaking, fluency and pronunciation .

We then create a tailored treatment plan to suit your needs. Attention is given to:

  • Training in the sounds, speech rhythm, syllable and word stress to enhance your exam performance
  • Auditory training
  • Industry specific vocabulary training, industry related idioms, multi-syllabic words
  • Speech Fluency techniques: the catalyst to convincing and fluent speech
  • Industry sector Communication training, Telephone training, Public speaking training, Communication for networking, Delivering a sound sales pitch
  • Speech intonation adjustment where required

 Diagnostic Assessment 

This assessment is conducted individually and takes roughly 50 minutes. From this session you will receive a diagnostic report will be provided for all clients that details the main aspects that are impacting on your speaking, fluency and pronunciation that may be having an impact on your PTE Academic Scores.

Diagnostic Accent Assessment


The following packages are available to individuals online or at our CBD city clinic. All treatment packages must follow an initial diagnostic assessment session. 

Platinum Treatment Program 










Individual treatment sessions (one-on-one) delivered in house or via our online service

  • 15 x 45 minute custom treatment sessions for accent reduction
  • Unique to other Voice Science Programs, this program includes access to an online learning portal in addition to face to face sessions. The clinician will allocate 2 tasks for submission online between your face to face or online sessions. You will receive tailored feedback on your submissions. 


Gold Treatment Program

Gold PTE Speaking Course in Melbourne and Online

Individual treatment sessions (one-on-one) delivered in house or via our online service.

  • 10 x 45 minute custom treatment sessions 


Silver Treatment Program 

Silver PTE Speaking Course in Melbourne









Individual treatment sessions (one-on-one).

  • 5 x 45 minute custom sessions 


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