Opera Singer Voice Assessment

Opera Singer Voice Assessment

Voice Examination for Opera Singers

Voice Science offers tailored vocal health assessment of opera singers and musical theatre performers.

We are equipped to provide management of the vocal health and demands of the performing voice. We rehabilitate and optimise bel canto vocal technique in performers.

Clients will be assessed comprehensively and introduced to voice therapy measures that are evidence based in order to improve voice quality, acoustic output, prevent vocal fatigue and optimise the health and flexibility of the voice. 

Referral will be recommended if required to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT) pending the outcome of voice assessment findings. Your speech pathologist will appraise vocal health rigorously, saving you costly visits to the ENT where not required.

This diagnosis is clinical and rigorous. Assessment involves acoustic, perceptual and subjective assessment of the current voice behaviours and performance factors as well as consideration of vocal fach.

We even employ a repetiteur to play for your sung assessment to simulate a real performance.

A report will be provided that details the main aspects that are impacting on the voice production as well as recommendations for remedial exercises and approaches to optimise voice, resonance and respiration for singing. Treatment that then follows is individual and tailored to each client’s needs.

  • 1 hour diagnostic spoken voice and singing voice assessment session in a music studio with repetiteur fee included

  • Comprehensive voice case history analysis for performers 

  • Vowel Assessment through vocal range

  • Vocal range assessment and trouble shooting where required

  • A full diagnostic report with comprehensive treatment plan

  • A 20 minute complementary diagnostic review handover

  • Careful consideration of your vocal fach, role, voice use (respiratory, phonatory and resonance aspects), vocal hygiene and voice rest needs

  • Tailored recommendations for spoken voice optimisation to reduce vocal fatigue

  • Vocal hygiene recommendations


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