Voice Science offers dialect and accent consulting for actors, theatre companies and the film and television sectors.

We train a broad palette of accents and dialects ranging from Continental, Slavic (Bulgarian, Russian, Former Yugoslavian) through to the Asian continent (Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese) and Middle East. We are proficient in Received Pronunciation and General American (for Hollywood purposes). We also offer Archaic accents of the bygone era …

Master your target accent now to better equip you for auditions and castings! An initial consultation session must first occur. This will allow us to get information on your needs and accent and take into account features such as geographic location of the character, context specific information (for example, a 1930’s New Yorker versus current day New Yorker) as well as other theatrical components essential to nailing your role! 


Services to Theatre Companies, Film and Television

  • Whole cast workshops

  • Role specific training training for singers and actors

  • Casting consultations

  • In studio and on set consulting available on request

  • Script transcription services to the phonetic alphabet

  • Vocal Health Workshops

  • Vocal Health Assessment (24 hour service available during show runs)

  • Role specific voice optimisation and adjustment

Services for performers

Accurate and consistent dialect features are an integral part of your character portrayal. Voice Science will equip you with a convincing accent for any character.

Dialect and accent consulting for actors includes:

  • Role specific training training for singers and actors

  • Suited to both stage, television and film roles

  • Training in the sounds, speech rhythm, syllable and word stress of the target accent or dialect

  • Auditory training

  • Script transcription services to the phonetic alphabet

  • Audition Monologue, show reel and voice over demo preparation


If you or your cast need to master a dialect or accent for an upcoming role, contact VOICE SCIENCE now.

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