Diagnostic Accent Assessment

Diagnostic Accent Assessment

Voice Science™ provides accent assessment services to examine your current English accent. This service is ideal for non-native speakers. We are very experienced with many accents from all over the world.


Every accent assessment takes 45 minutes and includes:

Case history interview to determine the history of language acquisition and language exposure

Formal assessment of every sound required for the target accent at the word, sentence and spontaneous speech level

Careful consideration of your current communication needs, workplace setting, career aspirations, areas of concern

A full accent assessment diagnostic report with comprehensive treatment plan

We provide English Pronunciation Training using speech pathology consulting for the the following accents: Standard Australian, New Zealand Accent, Received Pronunciation (Standard British), General American and other dialects where requested.

After the initial assessment you will receive information on a recommended training program that best meets your needs. You are then able to consider booking individual treatment sessions or opt in for one of our comprehensive treatment programs.

Delivery: Face to face or online. 


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Accent reduction takes time and practice. It is not uncommon to still have an accent even after years of expatriate life. An accent can be an asset that sets you ahead. Listeners soon realise you are multi-lingual. Sometimes an accent can interfere with your message. Speech breakdowns can occur and it can be harder to express thoughts clearly to your listener. Don’t give up! Work on your pronunciation weaknesses strategically and practice daily to improve your English.

Many non-native speakers opt to consult with a Speech Pathologist to reduce the impact of a foreign accent. 

Voice Science™ treats from Melbourne to Bangkok, New York, Sydney, Perth … wherever you are via our global service. Our chief, Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez is a senior voice clinician, certified practicing speech pathologist and professional opera singer. She offers face to face and online accent reduction from her Collins St clinic.
Sarah our director has a love of words and sounds!









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