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Episode 28
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3 Science Based Principles to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

In today’s episode, we’re going to look at three principles you can set in place to grow your interpersonal skills.

If you want to build your social connection skills and confidence when communicating at work or in your social life, I recommend setting some concrete interpersonal communication goals.

Interpersonal skills are crucial to making friends, being a spectacular team player and bossing up with empathy if you run a small business or work in a leadership role.

People are more likely to like you, if you like them.

If you’re struggling to like or feel liked, try apply this principle better to your communication.

HOW to apply this now?

A critical step to boosting your interpersonal skills is actively starting to look for things you share with your conversation partner, colleague or teammate (values, attitudes, interests). Taking this approach will help you generate more creative conversation topics and ensure that you make relevant comments to your conversation partner. Engage in informal conversations in the workplace so you can learn more about your contact’ interests and endeavour to actively build connections and bonds via thoughtful conversation topics and questions.


And in all things, be sincere. Sometimes you might have to dig deep to find likeability, but this is worthwhile if you’re stuck with that office colleague, boss or tricky client or even flatmate. 


If you serve clients, make sure the niche you serve is something you believe in and relate to. I recommend using detective like precision in paying attention to your clients’ interests, needs and pain points. Ensure your website, branding, and services overlap with what your clients want. You can never obsess over this enough. People will pay you their hard-earned money for products and services. At a minimum, your ability to build your interpersonal skills to understand your client deeply is both respectful and essential to happy clients and business success.


Give what you want yourself.

Now this one often gets forgotten! But don’t forget, people will give to you, if you give to them. 

HOW to apply this now?

In the workplace, find ways to give to your team members. 

These things count- a listening ear, words of support, genuine praise and gratitude, a helping hand, a thoughtful expression of encouragement. 

And don’t forget your boss either, bosses also need words of sincere support and encouragement, especially this year. Build your interpersonal skills and empathy to actively engage with your boss and managers, for all you know they will appreciate your support and reward you for it in the future

If you run a business, share your knowledge and give value. 

Don’t cold call and ask if you’ve not offered something first. 

Be careful with giving out freebies though, as this can reduce your value, but if your clients have chosen you, it’s important to shower them with the most value you can offer. 

Building your relationship with your stakeholders and clients results from successful interpersonal communication supported by incredible products and well thought out services. 

If you are committed, people will support you better.

Communicate with commitment and consistency.

HOW to apply this now?

Accountability determines how solid your interpersonal skills stack up. Give specific time frames that people can expect to receive information from you if they are waiting on something and make sure you meet it.

Don’t “ghost” prospects, contacts, friends. Instead, be specific and predictable in your follow up. Waiting in limbo for information creates anxiety for most people, especially if they are a new prospect or client so ensure you’ve got a detailed communication strategy in place to protect rapport and trust.

It’s also helpful to write your commitment down or speak it aloud if you promise something. You might like to create a process where you follow up with an email, a written note or include following up conversations with a summary email outlining what your contact can expect. When you meet it, your employees, friends, or prospects will feel valued, and you will build rapport.

Your precision will not go unnoticed; it is a great way to build trust and reliability overtly with your important contacts.

3 Principles to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Episode 28

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Sometimes the simplest reminders are the most powerful tools to develop your interpersonal skills. 

I hope you enjoyed this Little Shot episode.

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Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Ciao for now!



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