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Elocution sessions can address a vast array of communication concerns for you effectively.
Perhaps you consider your communication a huge calling card. Or maybe it’s never come easily.


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There’s this feeling where you are speaking in a meeting and your speed accelerates… or voice cracks, or the words don’t come to mind.

What is that?

Fillers everwhere. Um… like… you see… the thing is…

How can we stop using fillers already?

Fillers in the boardroom… not good.

Or delivering that pitch… ouch it didn’t go so well? Sorry to hear that.

After all your experience in your field how could this be? Why is communication so hard?

See, the thing is that we all learn to perfect our professions.  We spend years of study getting our qualifications or building our skill. But do the maths. How much time did you invest into learning to communicate better?

Somehow communication skill is expected to level up as we build our career. But none of us go to “Communication School” except perhaps speech pathologists. After all, we studied Communication Science.

If you are wanting to expand your career or scale your small business or even get to the C-Suite, we have a question for you first. Have you lined up your communication ducks to make sure you’re ready when it happens? If things are missing, these dreams could all be a big wild goose chase.

What’s your communication strategy plan to level up for work, social life or your next business venture?

Who are Elocution Sessions At Voice Science™ Best For?

These sessions are the perfect fit if you have one or more concerns relating to

  • Message clarity, delivery and tone
  • Language and vocabulary extension
  • Using a comfortable and appropriate speech rate (but possible diagnosis of stuttering)
  • Word finding difficulties and content planning difficulties when speaking or writing
  • Voice Quality, voice projection difficulties
  • The wish to have some strategies to communicate with increased diplomacy, assertiveness and / or persuasiveness
  • A coming presentation or communication activity with high stakes. For example, conference presentations, filming or vlogging content, public speaking engagements, challenging job interviews or job applications, concerns about written expression, pitching your ideas to a team, delivering a speech at an important social or work event
  • Difficulties conversing with clients, colleagues, managers, key stakeholders
  • Social communication barriers: barriers when networking, making ‘small talk,’ starting conversations, joining group conversations,
  • Clarity and comfort concerns when speaking on the telephone
  • Concerns about speech and language formality

Is your Communication Getting in the Way of your Career Success?

Stop wondering & get an Elocution & Communication Assessment
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Our team are still offering appointments throughout the current COVID- 19 Pandemic.

We moved to our virtual clinic on Monday the 16th of March, 2020, until further notice.

As such, our team will deliver your appointment online.

Each of us, yourself included, are crossing paths with vulnerable citizens of our communities. At Voice Science, we do not want to fail to react & respond to this critical phase.

Our virtual clinic has been running for 6 years alongside our Collins St site. We have served every continent other than Antartica & Africa! The gear and tech needs no dress rehearsal, all we need is your ongoing trust & faith in our high quality service as always. We will however reach out to you personally, with a video tutorial to orientate you fully for your coming sessions.

My team is valuable and I’ve always wanted a safe and beautiful environment at Voice Science for them, and all of you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez

Chief Speech Pathologist, Voice Science

About the Program

Individually tailored Elocution & Communication Consultation that is your chance to investigate your global communication with one of our clinicians.This program will be overseen by our chief speech pathologist as it may involve assessment into traditional speech pathology such as  voice therapy, pronunciation, social communication intervention and receptive or expressive language therapy as well as investigation into strategies for performance, vocal expression, strategies for entertaining and engaging your audience/communication partners and articulate delivery under pressure which Sarah draws from as a professional operatic soprano and performer.

This consultation will diagnose goals from the following according to your concerns:

✪ Pronunciation accuracy

✪ Speaking Fluency features. Is your speaking flowing, rushing, linking, segmenting or moving to a mumble?

✪ Speech rate features. Is your speaking too fast, too slow? How does it compare to research based findings on the best speech rhythm for listener engagement, adding credibility and capturing your audience?

✪ Assessment of speech intonation factors: pitch, tone, word stress, emphasis.

✪ Language and vocabulary concerns not limited to: word finding problems, logical structure, how well you elaborate topics, the quantity of information you give (too much, too little?)

✪ Your social communication tool stack: What tools do you need to build rapport, engage, convince and persuade others more effectively?

✪ Communication activity inventory: What types of communication activities do you need to do for your job/ small business/ interests? Which are working well? Which need more skill?

Once the session is completed we have a gameplan to work alongside you to scale your communication.

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From the boardroom, to the podium, over the phone, or behind the lens- we meet you at the communication barrier you're facing and help you to smash it!.

We have provided speaking training to people from all sorts of professions at different stages in their career path. Our sessions can be structured to first year university students through to company directors.
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What happens after the assessment?

Choose your Elocution Program
Once your assessment session is completed you can proceed direct into your chosen pronunciation training program with our team!

We can’t wait to get you started!

Your Personalised Elocution Sessions 

Your program will be overseen by our chief speech pathologist, Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez who conducts all Initial Elocution & Communication Consultations.

Voice Science™ Elocution sessions may involve some traditional speech pathology such as  voice therapy, pronunciation, social communication intervention and receptive or expressive language therapy alongside strategies for performance, vocal expression, strategies for entertaining and engaging your audience/communication partners and articulate delivery under pressure which Sarah draws from as a professional operatic soprano and performer.

Across the course of your program, you may have some specific sessions allocated by Sarah to another team member, however your overall course structure will be mapped out by Sarah from your initial consultation.

About the Program

+ 1 X 45 minute Elocution Strategy session

These sessions will goals from your Elocution & Communication consultation. Unlike the silver and gold programs this session does not include introductory access to Cadenza™.

Our Elocution Strategy sessions are designed for individuals who are concerned about one or more aspects of their communication presentation according to how time permits and may include:

✪ Strategies for delivery

✪ Voice projection training

✪ Speech precision training

✪ Vocabulary extension and expressive language development

✪ Social communication strategies to increase your assertiveness, diplomacy or persuasiveness

As well as,

Industry sector Communication training, Telephone training, Public speaking training, Communication for networking, Delivering a sound sales pitch, job interview skills, conference presentation preparation (as required).

Pay in full or pay on an instalment plan

About the Program

+ 5 X 45 minute consultations

+ Solo sessions

+ 5 weeks Introductory to Cadenza™ – our seperate practice product

Our SILVER PROGRAM will give you with a basic introduction to strategies improve your speaking and delivery.


Foundations of Voice

✪ How to warm up your voice to boost clarity and increase your vocal consistency for when it matters

✪ How to project your voice effectively

✪ How to protect your voice so you can deliver good voice tone more consistently

Foundations of Language & Your Message

✪ How to structure your message when speaking to make people listen better

✪ How to expand your vocabulary

✪ How to use your language to catch attention, build listener interest and increase impact

✪ How to be more flexible with your sentence and content to keep people listening

✪ How to use your speaking to give methodical, insightful and powerful answers, no matter the topic

✪ How to reduce the fillers in your life that kill your message impact (um, like, err, em, the thing is, It’s kinda like…)

Pay in full or pay on an instalment plan

About the Program

+ 10 x 45 minute sessions

+ Solo sessions – no group work

+ 10 weeks Introductory Access to Cadenza™ – our seperate practice product

The GOLD PROGRAM is our premium elocution tuning offering.


Foundations of Voice

✪ How to warm up your voice to boost clarity and increase your vocal consistency for when it matters

How to project your voice effectively

How to protect your voice so you can deliver good voice tone more consistently

Voice Extension 

How to scale your voice tone to increase listener engagement

Voice delivery for public speaking, podcasting, vlogging, key note speaking, TedTalks (select as needed)

How to scale your voice tone to increase listener engagement

Advanced speech intonation training to address : upspeak, speech rate, acoustic fine tuning to sound more interesting

Language & Your Message Extension

How to structure your message when speaking to make people listen better

How to expand your vocabulary

How to use your language to catch attention, maintain attention and increase impact

How to use your language to catch attention, maintain attention and increase impact

How to be more flexible with your sentence and content to keep people listening

 How to use your speaking to give methodical, insightful and powerful answers, no matter the topic

✪ How to reduce the fillers in your life that reduce your message impact (um, like, err, em, the thing is, It’s kinda like…)

 How to scale your tone, manner and formality for increased engagement

 Written communication strategies (as required)

 Non verbal presentation strategies for different modalities: training, group meetings, vlogging, key notes

 How to modify your sentence structure to sound more assertive, persuasive or authoritative

Customised feedback

In this program there is usually sufficient time to provide us with material for customised feedback or rehearsal. It is not uncommon for our clients to rehearse a TedTalk with us, do a final vocal warm up an hour before a keynote in California, run a script for a speech, simulate a vlog or bring audio from a team meeting (with permission from their company, of course!), or a rehearsal for what you will say when asking your boss for a payrise. Elocution Strategy Sessions are what you bring to the table. We will dig deep, evaluate and problem solve any activities you are needing support with in a confidential consult.

Pay in full or pay on an instalment plan


Check below if you have any questions!
Can’t pin what it is that you need to communicate better? Not sure if it is mumbling, idea creating, voice quality, speech clarity or something else? Our Elocution & Communication Consultation may fit the bill. Check if it’s for you.

Say Hi to Voice Science™

Advocating for Communication Impact since 2013

We are a team of speech pathologists that work to advocate for your communication participation using a scientific research base!

Our core areas of service at Voice Science include obviously Elocution sessions, as well as Pronunciation training, Voice Therapy & Social Communication sessions.

In our elocution services we partner with you to strategise your commmunication impact.

You can choose to work on a plethora of of different things with us, not limited to…

  • Speech Fluency techniques: the catalyst to convincing and fluent speech
  • Pronunciation precision training
  • Communication in the boardroom
  • Making standout social media videos with a charismatic voice tone for your small business
  • Delivering better instructions and feedback to your employees?
  • Vocal delivery when leading a team
  • Conversational techniques geared to the corporate sector for use with clients, colleagues and key stakeholders
  • Language and vocabulary extension
  • Nailing a sales pitch with powerful words
  • Industry sector Communication training, Telephone training
  • Public speaking training / Conference presentation preparation
  • Leading interesting workshops
  • Communication for networking
  • Job interview skills
  • Social communication strategies for diplomacy, persuasion and assertive delivery

Our team are internationally minded. Clients of all creed, language and culture are welcome. The only people we don’t welcome are those who lack a growth mindset. Without that, we won’t have any triumphs to celebrate. If you think we are the magic fix, you found the wrong place.

What do we know about Communication?

Our team are qualified speech & language pathologists.

This means we all hold a Master of Speech Pathology & are registered with Speech Pathology Australia.

Speech & Language Pathology comes under the discipline of communication science.

And what a wonderful & gargantuan science that is!

Speech Pathologists operate from a clinical evidence-based practice model that considers the physiological, medical and behavioural aspects of speaking.

We are conversant with the latest research in the neurological controls for speech, voice and language and use behavioural therapy approaches that monitor the acquisition of goals clinically.

We are fluent in anatomy of the head and neck- all the bits you need to make sound when you speak. We understand how the brain retrieves words, concepts and ideas. We study voice anatomy and physiology and can even tell you ever single step the body goes through to sing, speak, shout, cry, giggle or yawn! We can break down sentences like formulae and analyse the grammatical components to build syntax trees- which is really nerdy grammatical chemistry… We assess pragmatics, a whole field that includes your ability to follow unspoken rules of social relations, rapport building, conversation maintenance, forming friends, conflict and influence.

From planning the words in your cortex to sending the neurological signal to your mouth muscles to form the sounds we’ve done our homework on this.

No one has a lot of time these days, so when choosing a communication consultant you can’t afford to waste your time.

We are trained to  diagnose communication that functions seamlessly as well as poorly (pathology).

To understand bad communication we first need to learn about what makes good communication work. The team at Voice Science keeps up to date on this avidly. I mean the business name holds us to it, right?

This expertise is what gives elocution sessions at Voice Science edge! You will definitely learn something new with us in your elocution sessions.

Our team is vivacious, polite & positive. It comes with the job.

This is what we are born for. Speech pathology is not just a career, it’s a calling! With so much forward facing people contact you simply have to be passionate about the scope to fill the shoes.

Read more about our team

Effective communication training should not be based on someone telling you what they think or feel. We have enough Speech Science Research out there to be more accountable than that.

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The Research Base

There is a growing body of research into what makes speakers and presenters charismatic. Speech science researchers are uncovering new findings. Our team stays at the forefront of research into charisma and corporate communication. All sessions are based on the latest speech science findings about social communication strategies for impact, credibility and persuasiveness. Current research shows that your voice quality, speech rate and language features are essential to successful impact.

Want science based strategies? Our team have solid citations of great research articles. This is because we know that communication training needs to be evidence based.

Elite Communicators

Want to get to the top? We know from speech science studies what mades speakers like Steve Jobs, Obama or even Jacinda Ardern stand out from other world leaders and innovators. We will share this and so much more in your sessions. We’ve prepared public speakers for TED Talks, academic conferences and even keynote speeches for the United Nations.

Stop hesitating & speak up

Voice Tone Matters

Speakers that manage to use an optimised voice acoustic have been rated in extensive research studies as outsmarting speakers with reduced or even dysfunctional voice usage. You need to engage your listener if you want to catch their attention when you’re speaking. Voice is one of the most reliable and effective ways to do this.


In your first 45 minute consult we have time to add in an acoustic voice assessment. This add on for all Elocution & Communication Consultations is at no additional price.

Why? Why all these good things?

Well we know that your delivery outcome is mostly shaped by the tone of your voice.

In recent years there has been some solid research into acoustic soundwave correlates between Voice Quality and Charisma.

Listener engagement links to a captivating voice tone. But let’s get more scientific. There is a direct link to resonant voice- a voice production that is marked by optimal vocal muscle coordination- and impact. Studies abound that show increased ratings of assertiveness, persuasiveness, credibility, tenurship length, even at times renumeration in speakers who use a resonant voice.

Learn Public Speaking Strategies to make it Easier!

Speaking Pitch Matters

We hate to break it to you but there is a lot of misinformation out there about how men and women need low voices. Maybe you have been told to drop your voice pitch to increase your executive presence… whatever that means? Before you follow that advice, please evaluate who gave it to you? If they are not a voice clinician medically trained in voice anatomy please ignore them and get some more research based insight. Heck, your whole career could be at stake with this one. I’d not count on a coach who knows nothing about the voice if I were you.

Not sure what to do with your voice pitch? Should you speak higher or lower? Let us help you. We have uncovered a lot of good quality research around gender and communication as well as voice tone for executive advancement.

Use your intonation & tone to command attention when filming

Move away from Monotone!

Part of nailing your presentation or getting the team on your side is the ability to keep people listening. This is achieved in part by good use of expression. Using varied intonation and removing monotone will increase your charisma. Charisma is what gets people listening. It is useful for persuading, leading and influencing. If your voice has a flat tone, you may feel like no one is listening. We will work with you methodically to reduce montone and show you how to monitor this yourself with speech science feedback apps.

If you are trying to sound more expressive when speaking, be careful. It is important to have enough intonation, but if your pitch changes too much it will distract from your message. We will assess your speech prosody (intonation) and check if you sound monotone. After this we will set up a plan to scale your intonation while maintaining sincerity so you still sound authentic.

Goodbye Mumbling - Hello Clarity!

Content Matters

Hesitations and fillers are not the only thing you need to work on.

Learn strategies for vocabulary building and word retrieval.

Master the ability to use a flexible sentence length & content structure will help you scale your message to be persuasive,


or diplomatic.

We will show you what your speaking needs to achieve each according to robust research.

Formality is also a factor that we need to talk about. Did you know that different levels of formality need to be used? If you are too formal, it is going to work against you. On the other hand if you’re not formal enough, you’ll lose some people at Hello”, or is that “hey?”

Create amazing podcasts with a captivating vocal tone

Speech Rate Matters

There is a lot of mixed research out there about speech rate, but we know for certain if you mumble when you’re speaking you are doing your listener a diservice.

To date there is not a lot of conclusive findings on how to effectively stop speaking fast if you are an adult if the sole goal is to slow down. The reason for this is that a lot of people who try to speak slower don’t actually know how to do so without pausing more. Which doesn’t work. Pauses tend to increase your speech between the gaps as well as put you at higher risk of using more fillers.

If you know that you struggle to get the perfect speed when talking, we need to get to the bottom of that and diagnose what is tipping your rate off the edge. This is because speaking too fast is the symptom of lots of diffferent triggers. There is no one size fits all solution. In your elocution sessions at Voice Science we will build a tool stack just for you to use to find a comfortable rate that gives your speaking more value.


If you are trying to work on speaking slower by yourself, be careful. Speaking too slowly or with a changing rate can make your listener rate you  perceive you as less credible, authentic, persuasive and competent. It’s important to get an understanding of your rate that is context specific. 

We will clinically measure your speaking speed (we use more detail than “You speak really fast”) and look into the fluency and flow of your speaking to see what needs to change.

Catch more interest with powerful vocabulary

Voice Volume Matters

For starters, you need to be heard. But speaking at length in high volume will reduce your voice tone because the voice is a muscle and it does fatigue. When you are public speaking it is important to get a good volume healthily. This is achieved by understanding how to project your voice. If your schedule is jam packed with public speaking, training, seminar delivery, key-notes, conference calls or team meetings you strongly recommend you have some voice therapy exercises in place to warm up your voice and prevent damage. Extended voice use raises the risk of an inconsistent tone- the voice can become husky, hoarse or croaky. This will deteriorate your impact.

Reduce Up Speak & be Assertive

Communication Strategies. Voice Science TV.

Put a Face to Voice Science

Every week we push new content over on our YouTube channel. Our video tutorials are designed to give you actionable strategies to improve your: Speaking, Vocabulary, Voice Tone, Pronunciation, Accent, Fluency, Social Communication, Language for Leadership & Workplace Communication.


Customisable Elocution Sessions in Melbourne or Online

Your elocution sessions  at Voice Science are totally customisable.

Content will pivot around your communication problem points.

We identify these problem points with you at the first appointment.

Sessions thereafter work to address the issues you are facing. We apply a consulting approach but will continue to be on the look out for other areas of your communication that you might need to scale as we get to know you more.

Elocution Sessions revolve around where you need your communication change to happen the most.

If it is for a job interview outcome- we will prioritise that!

If it is for a TedTalk- let’s start there.

If it is for participating more in team meetings- we’ve got this. We’ll write a game plan to make it happen.

If you need feedback on your communication to other team members, while we can’t come with you to the job, we can definitely simulate and evaluate what is breaking down.

Using our clinical know how, we scheme powerful & measurable objectives for you to lift your speaking game.


Try a quick query form

This form will take you from some FAQ’s about our Elocution courses in a fun way.

You will also get the chance to enter specific questions, that our team will respond too.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, try this form, or better still give our friendly receptionists a call.

6 Huge Research Findings About Vocal Branding & Charisma
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Lately a hot topic in our clinic is vocal branding. We partner alongside large companies in Australia to modify the voice identity of their brand to target critical outcomes.

Behind our corporate consulting with large companies is also a busy clinic full of individual clients. We enjoy serving our big companies as much as individuals reach their voice goals.

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“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

This quote by Tony Robbins is so true!! We can’t expect to achieve something if we haven’t clearly defined what it is we want to achieve. However there is a true art form to setting goals and following through with them to allow you to actually accomplish your dream. And it’s not as hard as you may think.

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Women in Power: How to Speak to Get What You Want

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Don’t get us wrong, we’re getting louder. But, still in many businesses the female’s voice isn’t getting the reach that her male counterparts have.

We are all aware of the gender pay gap and lots of research showing gender disparities in promotion and power positions (only to name a few!). These often being the case, despite our high level qualifications, and background knowledge.
Not to mention, our total ability to absolutely nail that management position!⁠
So how can we females better use communication to our advantage in the workplace?⁠

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