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voice science

Advocating for Communication Impact since 2013

Voice Science is an Australian communication brand founded in 2013 by Dr. Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez.

In our first decade we provided dedicated English pronunciation training and advocacy to International English speakers, as well as adult speech therapy services. 

In 2024 we remodelled the Voice Science brand, repositioning it as Australia’s leading Pronunciation and Fluency Service provider- SPEECHAUS est. 28th June, 2024 (take a visit) retaining our commitment to a bespoke range of adult speech pathology services. 

The Next Decade of Voice Science

We look forward to sharing the new iteration of Voice Science with you- a reflection and portfolio of Dr Sarah’s core expertise and dedication to expert action-based communication consulting at CADENZA that is backed by science with a unique focus on research informed solutions voice tonality, tactical charisma and elite communication for Industry disruptors and figureheads. 
In the meantime, Dr. Sarah is available for expert comment on vocal charisma, managing the performing voice, operatic voice and pronunciation advocacy for internationals.

How to Look, Sound & Feel Confident at Work.

Bonus, On-demand Masterclass

Discover the hiddent tricks that no one is talking about which fast-track speaking confidence and executive presence. 

This class is a high-priority watch if:

  • you feel like your personality holds you back from speaking confidently at work.
  • you don’t know exactly what your communication at work needs but you know it needs to change fast.
  • you can’t pin what it is that prevents you from securing a promotion or leadership opportunity and need to increase your executive presence.
  • your voice tone doesn’t work for you reliably, leaving you sounding hesitant and nervous when under pressure.
  • you admire charismatic communicators and wish you could engage and inspire the way they do.
  • difficult conversations at work shake your confidence and you want some strategies to control your responses with polish.

Communication is like String Theory, it’s the foundation of Everything.